End of the Year Video Plus Biggest Trends of 2012

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I highly recommend you watch the following year in review video. It’s only 3 minutes and you’ll wish it was longer.

Below are some of the top Internet Searches for 2012, ranked in order by volume of searches.

Top Trending Global Searches:

Whitney Houston
Gangnam Style
Hurricane Sandy
iPad 3
Diablo 3
Kate Middleton
Olympics 2012
Amanda Todd
Michael Clarke Duncan

Top Trending Events in 2012 (Global):

Hurricane Sandy
Kate Middleton Pictures Released
Olympics 2012
SOPA Debate
Costa Concordia crash
Presidential Debate
Stratosphere Jump
Penn State Scandal
Trayvon Martin shooting
Pussy Riots

Top Trending People in 2012 (Global):

Whitney Houston
Kate Middleton
Amanda Todd
Michael Clarke Duncan
One Direction
Felix Baumgartner
Jeremy Lin
Morgan Freeman
Joseph Kony
Donna Summer

Top Trending Consumer Electronics (Global):

iPad 3
Samsung Galaxy S3
iPad Mini
Nexus 7
Galaxy Note 2
Play Station
iPad 4
Microsoft Surface
Kindle Fire
Nokia Lumia 920

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