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We recently got a new puppy – my wife Shirley really wanted it. A toy poddle named Georgia. She’s a cute little bugger and very active. Here is a picture of her.

I’ve read where dogs can be good for the heart, like heart therapy. They make you laugh which, is great for your immune health. They can also relieve stress because of their non-judgmental nature.

The point is dogs need good nutrition just like humans.  That said I was reading an article about heartburn and it was talking about modifying your diet to prevent heartburn.

Sure if you’re eating the right foods you’re less likely to get heartburn. However, I typically don’t get heartburn and I believe it’s due to the great nutrition products I’ve been taking for many years now, keeping the body healthy. Don’t you remember as a kid not ever getting heartburn no matter how crappy a diet you ate. As a kid your body and organs were strong and healthy. An excellent product for improving digestion is Digestive Formula from Life Plus.

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Cold Sickness Prevention Tips -Boost Immune System

To get a  shot – to not get a shot, that is the question. Whether the medical establishment and government has made a strong enough case to get one or you’ve listened to the other side and decided against it. Either way it only makes since to take some common sense preventive steps and also strengthen your immune system.

Here are some simple tips you can do to lessen your chances of getting sick this winter.

1. Gargle twice a day with Listerine or warm salt water. It takes a couple days for certain virus to manifest itself and gargling will prevent it from manifesting.

2. Of course be sure to wash your hands frequently and try not to touch your face.

3. Another tip few people consider is swabbing out your nostrils with colloidal silver or salt water.

4. Take a vitamin C and vitamin D supplement to boost your immune system.

5. Water and warm liquids can wash the virus out of the throat into the stomach where it is killed. Water also flushes out toxins.

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