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Why do we do this – because there is a lot of bad in the World we must stand for good. And because we have the power to change the world we must. Each of us has this power as long as we believe we do.

This is an interesting story about a dentist and the principal of out of sight – out of mind. In this story we detail why Life Plus products are superior. Things like active enzymes, phytonutrients, pH balance, cold processing, small batch processing and more.

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New Comic About Colon Cleansing – Is this Your Livingroom?

Most of us clean our homes on a fairly regular basis. This picture obviously is silly. We certainly wouldn’t let our houses look like this. Yet we live in our body more than our living room.

We clean our homes on a regular basis. Shouldn’t we use a colon cleansing supplement like Colon Formula on a regular basis?

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Diet Dog Food and Pet Nutrition

We recently got a new puppy – my wife Shirley really wanted it. A toy poddle named Georgia. She’s a cute little bugger and very active. Here is a picture of her.

I’ve read where dogs can be good for the heart, like heart therapy. They make you laugh which, is great for your immune health. They can also relieve stress because of their non-judgmental nature.

The point is dogs need good nutrition just like humans.  That said I was reading an article about heartburn and it was talking about modifying your diet to prevent heartburn.

Sure if you’re eating the right foods you’re less likely to get heartburn. However, I typically don’t get heartburn and I believe it’s due to the great nutrition products I’ve been taking for many years now, keeping the body healthy. Don’t you remember as a kid not ever getting heartburn no matter how crappy a diet you ate. As a kid your body and organs were strong and healthy. An excellent product for improving digestion is Digestive Formula from Life Plus.

Here is some additional cool information about dogs and nutrition.

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