Life Plus Discovery Astragalus Root Extract Product

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Life Plus Discovery Astragalus Root is a true Fountain of Youth product. Everyone is familiar with the story of Ponce de Leon and his search for the Fountain of Youth. Well this was always just a story – no truth to the rumor.
With the new Life Plus Discovery product the Fountain of Youth concept in many ways is now close to a reality.

Lifeplus Discovery uses a concentrated, high quality extract of the Astragalus root.

Used in China for thousands of years, in its most concentrated form, Astragalus contributes to the longevity of stem cells, prolonging and enhancing their ability to repair themselves, and manufacture new cells for the whole body – helping to combat the aging process at a cellular level.

Discovery is based on the Nobel Prize winning science.

It also like Discovery is an Astragalus root extract and a great product. However, if you compare you will find Discovery to be a much better buy at slightly less than half the cost. Discovery is designed to help slow down your body from aging.

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