Vitamins A & D – New Life Plus Product Supplement

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Life Plus has just introduced a new product called – Vitamins D & K Nutritional Supplement -Synergistic Support for Healthy Heart and Bones.  This may not seem like much of a big deal but you would be surprised how many people have a shortage of Vitamin.  And some leading health authorities believe a shortage of Vitamin D is a leading cause of many of the  health problems today.

See the Video Below:

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Combined with Vitamin K this is a powerful one – two punch. In fact these two vitamins work better together than by themselves – they make the other work better.

… when Vitamins D and K are both present in adequate quantities, your bones may be even more protected than if just one of the vitamins is present.

Another way that the fat-soluble Vitamins D and K work together involves safeguarding the heart. If soft tissues are damaged, the body’s inflammatory response can result in calcium deposits in the damaged tissue. If this occurs in your blood vessels it can cause the vessels to lose elasticity and contribute to the buildup of plaque.

Matrix GLA Protein, the protein responsible for helping to protect blood vessels from calcification seems to be increased by Vitamins K and D.
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