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weight loss health and nutrition supplements newsletter

weight loss health and nutrition supplements newsletter
Healthy Nutrition with Enzymes and Phytonutrients from over 30 different Plants Fruits and Vegetables.

December-January, 2003 - YOU'RE THE BOSS - HEALTH NEWSLETTER


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weight loss health and nutrition supplements newsletter

weight loss health and nutrition supplements newsletter

New Bio-Shape Weight Loss Support. Test your knowledge \Trivia -Health and more. Minimum Health or Maximum Health? It's like does anybody really want to earn the minimum wage? The Ruggburns - a new comic. Plus calcium, protein - necessary for weight loss. Zinc is vital to male sex. A superior Vitamin C. Plus removing warts with duct tape.

James and Jean Sapp at your Service!

weight loss health and nutrition supplements newsletter

weight loss health and nutrition supplements newsletter
"You know Brain, there is a simpler way than eating fruits, vegetables and carrots all day. Also did you know that good nutrition with Daily BioBasics can Nourish, Cleanse, Protect and a Whole Lot more? It's a Premium Nutritional Powerhouse."


1. ARTICLE - "Trivia- Questions and Answers with Mr. Brain."
Synopsis - Test your knowledge - health and other trivia questions with Mr. Brain.

Synopsis -
New Bio-Shape Weight Loss Program - Weight Loss Support System.

3. ARTICLE - Minimum Health or Maximum Health? That is the Question!
Synopsis - Pictorial article question is who would want only minimum health (or worse) when they could have maximum health! Compares different "rotten" scenarios versus what could be - interesting.

4. FEATURED ARTICLE - The Ruggburns Home Business Comic?
Synopsis - ...New feature The Ruggburns is a satirical look at home business stereotypes. Is a home business right for you?

Synopsis - Articles on calcium, protein - necessary for weight loss. Zinc is vital to male sex. A superior Vitamin C. Plus removing warts with duct tape.

Synopsis - Webpages containing valuable information on a variety of health topics.

These are the topics you will be reading in this edition of the newsletter!!!!

ARTICLE - "Trivia- Questions and Answers with Mr. Brain."

weight loss health and nutrition supplements newsletter

1. True or False - Blood is red?

2. True or False - The amino acid L Arginine is an effective natural remedy for erectile dysfunction and an effective natural alternative to Viagra®?

3. True or False - Pandas are bears.

4. True or False - Hunger is triggered by an empty stomach.

5. True or False - A limb (your leg, arm, foot, etc.) "falls asleep" because its blood supply gets cut off.

6. True or False - A hippo's stomach is 10 ft. long and can hold 400 pounds of food.

7. True or False - In the Old West, more cowboys died from crossing swollen rivers than during gunfights.

Click Here for Answers!

The Brain - Mr. Q and A!


New Bio-Shape Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Support System


"Lose Weight-Be Healthy and Have All the Energy You Want!"

"This Program Sure Tastes Great!"

Try Risk Free - Comes With a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

The products in the Pak are outstanding, however the real advantage to the BioShape Paks and the BioShape system is the outstanding support behind the system. This is the true key to effective weight loss. Having this support on hand is very often the difference between failure and success in someone meeting their weight loss goals.

You are provided support e-mails on a regular basis offering encouragement, weight loss tips and pointers. We also provide you free phone and e-mail support to answer any questions you may have. We are here to provide total support to your weight loss and nutrition needs.

The key to effective weight loss.

Do you remember when you were young how you almost always had energy and could eat almost anything you liked without gaining weight? Then as you got older it became harder and harder to keep the weight off.

Well the key to effective weight loss is stimulating your metabolism back toward the levels it was at in our youth. Many products try to do that by stimulating the metabolism in an artificial sense. This is what the ephedra based products do and are often not healthy for the body. Part of the problem with using weight loss products like these by themselves is that while you may lose weight, part of that weight is muscle. And roughly 1 pound of muscle will cause the body to burn 50 calories per day at rest. So if you lose 25 pounds of weight, but 5 pounds of that is muscle your body now will burn 250 calories less per day. Hence all of the yo-yo diets, where the weight comes off and then goes back on, because of the loss of muscle. That is why as you shall see later on that protein is so vitally important to losing weight and keeping it off.

The corner stone of our system is Bio-Basics. Bio-Basics is a nutritional powerhouse that contains all of your vitamins and minerals, concentrates from 35 fruits and vegetables, antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, beneficial micro-flora and soluble fibers.

Our second pillar is a high-protein, low carbohydrate Super Shake. This is not like some meal replacement that you may have tried in the past. It truly satisfies and tastes great. Super Shake is a high protein nutrition drink.

Believe it our not, we want you to eat 5-6 meals a day. However, you'll need to eat high protein, low carb, meals and snacks. But, what about those times when you absolutely have to have some of those starchy foods like pasta, breads or potatoes?

Well, that's where Phase o'lean comes in.

Simply take one or two tablets 10-15 minutes before you eat and Phase o'lean will help BLOCK the absorption of starchy carbohydrates!!! By inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down complex carbohydrates into sugars. Our exclusive Starch Blocker causes those calories to "pass right through".

But the real advantage you have with this system in losing weight is the support behind the system. You are supplied e-mails with tips and encouragement every few days. Plus we are here to support you by telephone or e-mail. We want you to succeed and want to monitor your progress on a weekly level to see how you are doing. This is the best way to assure you get the desired results.

You will also receive exact explicit instructions on how to make this program work for you.

Also you can receive discounts and possibly even get your products for free by referring others who may be interested in losing weight.

Also the products come with an unconditional money back guarantee - so you can try this program risk free for 30 days.

Please get back to us with any questions or comments you have. We would love to hear from you.

Check out the BioShape Paks descriptions and other info - Click Here:

We analyze nutrition, fitness, exercise, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, fiber, diet and dietary supplements and the role they play!

The question is who would want only minimum health (or worse) when they could have maximum health!

  • Maximum health is like you feel when you ask that special someone for a date for the first time and they say yes!
  • Minimum health is when you ask that special someone out and they tell you, that is the Saturday night when they have to do the laundry and wash their hair!
  • Picture maximum health as cruising next to the ocean in a sport car convertible with your lover next to you..
  • Picture minimum health as stuck in traffic in your 12 year old station wagon with the air conditioner broken.
  • Maximum health is like being on a honeymoon on your own private beach in Hawaii. Running down the beach at night with the one you love with the warm tropic wind in your hair. The huge moon shining down on the palm trees and the tranquil bay.
  • Minimum health is stuck working overtime in an un-airconditioned office with a huge pile of paperwork stacked on your desk. In walks your boss - the one with all the personality of a geek with BO. He can't stand going home to his abusive wife so he works 14 hour days and gives dirty looks to his employees when they leave before him. Your boss starts yelling about some stupid unfinished report...
  • Minimum health is like living paycheck to paycheck - just getting by, just barely having enough money to pay the bills each month. Minimum health is like "Darling we have a little extra this month - would you like to go out to eat at McDonalds and get a Big Mac?"
  • Maximum health is sailing away on a cruise ship to the Caribbean with the one you love while dining in elegance each evening!

Sure the above minimum health situations aren't going to kill you (or at least not immediately), but is this the way you want to live your life? Do you really want to just scrape by when there is an option?

Often people in minimum health are often too tired or sluggish to do things, they are overweight, etc. They don't feel real bad but they sure don't feel terrific.

Let's look at some pictures of maximum health:

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Actually the attitude of minimum health is like too many other attitudes we have. We are always too willing to sell ourselves short. We are too willing to settle for second best even when we don't have to. Too often this attitude can flow over into our jobs and relationships. This over the course of a lifetime can cause us much unhappiness and cost us a lot of money.

But the real issue here is minimum and maximum health, and what can we do to strive toward maximum health..

To strive toward maximum health requires the following:

1. Proper diet and nutrition - this doesn't mean tofu sandwiches and greens all day long. But does require us to eat responsibly. Certain foods like Big Macs and rich deserts are okay in moderation, but eating them everyday is not healthy.

2. Exercise - We should be doing some form of moderate exercise every week. You don't have to enter the marathon. Simple walking is very helpful, anything but sitting on the couch all week long. The best way to start an exercise program is to think of something that is very pleasurable to you while exercising. By continuing to associate your exercise with pleasurable feelings your brain will learn to associate pleasure with exercise which will make it easier for you to exercise.

3. Water and Breathing - To assure great health and energy and to assure toxins are properly flushed from the body it is important to drink plenty of clean water everyday. Also proper breathing exercises during the day are important. This will give you more energy throughout the day!

4. Life Style Choices - This is not to say you can't have any vises, however, if you eat like a gluten, smoke like a chimney, drink like a fish and use drugs like a drug store you probably aren't going to live to be 100. The key here is to do things in moderation.

Nutrition and Maximum Health

We are now going to discuss a little more here concerning the role nutrition supplementation plays in maximum health. You can get all of the following by eating varied and large assortments of fruits, vegetables and other healthy substances but only a tiny minority actually do. What are some of these important nutrients the body needs? They are:

  • Vitamins which are micro-nutrients
  • Protein and amino acids
  • Good fats in the form of oils from fish and plants
  • Minerals - Macro, trace and ultra trace minerals.
  • Phyto or micro-nutrients
  • Antioxidants
  • Fiber and cleansing agents
  • Enzymes

And if you're looking for a good comprehensive nutrition product - try Daily BioBasics.

James Sapp
Independent Life PLus Distributor

FEATURE ARTICLE - The Ruggburns Comic.

Ruggburns Home Business MLM Network MarketingThe Ruggburns - by Grace and James Sapp
The Ruggburns Episode 3 work at home business opportunity comic network marketing image The Ruggburns Episode 3 work at home business opportunity comic network marketing
The Ruggburns Episode 3 work at home business opportunity comic network marketing image The Ruggburns Episode 3 work at home business opportunity comic network marketing
The Ruggburns is a satirical look at MLM and home business stereotypes. It highlights common Network Marketing and Home Business mistakes and misconceptions. Sure we have all heard of the silly comments and statements made about some home businesses, however people are everywhere are flocking to home businesses in the area of referral marketing. Partially because of it's simplicity and lack of problems inherent in other types of businesses, but also a huge factor not to be overlooked is the Internet. In fact the majority of businesses today are going to some form of referral based marketing. Everything from legal services to phone companies to This seems to be the wave of the future as businesses see a way of increasing revenue without additional advertising costs. In fact the vast majority of all web businesses have a referral program.

Of course just like life all businesses also have problems. In fact there have been some major obstacles in the past associated with referral marketing home businesses. However, learn how we have eliminated the biggest and most common obstacles standing in the way of having success in referral marketing.

If you are interested in possibly earning some extra income or know someone else who may be - Click Here for more Work at Home Business Information!

Click Here for Additional Ruggburns Work at Home Business Comics!

Other Important Health Articles

Low Calcium Seems To Turn On The Fat-Making Gene!

If you want to lose weight, it may be a good idea to make sure your diet is not too low in calcium. It appears that low body levels of calcium "turn on" a gene that tells cells to hold on to fat or make more of it.

Scientists at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville studied mice who contained a gene containing characteristics normally found in human fat cells. Different groups of mice went on a reduced-calorie diet. The mice that received calcium in amounts equivalent to what American women consume "about 500 mg daily) lost 8 percent of their body fat. When the calcium content was increased to the average human dose of 1,600 mg per day the mice lost 42 percent of their body fat.  

Quite Simply Zinc is Vital to Sex

The male sex organs use more zinc than any other part of the body. It's no wonder then that so many men have sexual problems. According to professor emeritus Denhan Harman, M.D. Ph.D. of the University of Nebraska School of Medicine, a large part of the population consumes diets deficient in zinc.

The reason for this is soil depletion. The plants we eat extract zinc from the soil, yet commercial fertilizers don't replace the zinc. Over many decades of farming, no zinc is left in the soil.

Dr. Earl Mindell, the famous pharmacologist and best-selling author, says: "If there's any zinc in raw food, most of it is lost in processing and cooking the food." Zinc deficiency in children causes delayed sexual development, according to studies done by Dr. S.Z. Ghavami at the Pediatric Department of New York's Nassau County Medical Center.

Studies Show the Penis' Can Shrink

Dr. U. Mehta reported in the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology that clinical tests showed the testicles and penises of animals atrophied (shrank) when the animals were fed diets devoid of zinc. In other tests the testosterone levels of men given zinc supplements increased dramatically, according to Dr. L.D. Antoniou.

Increase Your Diet Of Protein To Lose Weight

PROTEIN AND WEIGHT LOSS -- Recent studies indicate that increasing protein intake to 25% of calorie intake increases both fat loss and weight loss. In one study, 65 obese patients consumed a diet containing 30% fat. They were divided into two groups. One group's diet contained only 12% protein and the other group's diet had 25% protein.

After six months, the group eating the higher protein diet had lost 75% more weight and also lost significantly more fat - 16.7 pounds versus 11.2 pounds. (Aminolyze liquid protein and Slender Now Protein Super Shakes are excellent sources of protein!)

Timed Released Vitamin C is Far Superior

Don't be fooled by high mg doses of cheap Vitamin C products. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin. Unlike fat soluble vitamins (like A and D) the body eliminates any water soluble vitamins it can't use at that particular moment.

For Example: If you take 1000mg of a non-timed released Vitamin C and the body can only use 200mg at that particular time than you just wasted 800mg. Timed released is given to the body slowly over several hours instead of all at once so you are able to utilize a much higher percentage of the product you are taking.

Also look for Vitamin C products which contain rutin, hesperidin and bioflavonoids. These are evidence of a superior Vitamin C product. Rutin is a natural bioflavonoid which acts synergistically with Vitamin C to help maintain a healthy immune system. Hesperidin, a bioflavanoid found in citrus fruits, is a crucial part of the vitamin C family. Hesperidin nutritionally supports the strength of the capillaries. It has a similar nutritional support as quercetin. It also inhibits histamine release. Bioflavonoids protect cardiovascular tissue health and also act as hormones, hormone precursors, enzymes, enzyme activators, enzyme inhibitors, co-enzymes and others in the body.

Duct Tape Effective for Common Warts in Children

By Darin Ingels, ND

Healthnotes Newswire (November 21, 2002)-The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently ordered the seizure of a dietary supplement that the agency said was falsely being claimed to be beneficial for people with autism.

For the rest of the story please type in the address bar of your browser.


1. False - Actually blood is red only part of the time. Blood in the arteries is loaded with oxygen and thus red. However, after the oxygen is used up by the cells and is traveling back to the heart in the veins it is a purple-blue. When cut the blood hits and air and it oxidizes and turns red again.

2. True - The combination of arginine (an amino acid) and yohimbine (a constituent of the herbal remedy yohimbe) is an effective natural alternative to Viagra®, according to a new study in European Urology (2002;41:608-13). While both arginine and yohimbine have been studied separately and shown to improve erectile function with long-term use, this is the first study demonstrating that one-time administration prior to intercourse is effective.

3. False - Actually the panda is an extremely large cousin of the raccoon.

4. False - Hunger is set off when nutrients are absent in the blood stream. In response to this, the brain begins rhythmic contractions of the stomach and intestines, which causes stomach grumbling and the feeling of hunger. This is one reason why Daily BioBasics with its wealth of nutrients is included in the new Bio-Shape Weight Loss Paks.

5. False- This feeling of numbness (called neurapraxia) happens when a major nerve is pinched against a hard object or bone. This produces a harmless temporary sensation of numbness, but the blood continues to flow normally.

6. True - Hippo's can eat 400 pounds of food.

7. True- Many more cowboys drowned in rivers. Despite the fact that almost every cowboy carried a gun very few were killed in gun fights.


Click here for instructions on ordering.

(By telephone or secure order form)


Well, that does it for now. We hope you'd like to see more free information, contests, and other things we have planned for you in our newsletter. But if you don't want this private information, just tell us so. We'll be sad, but we'll honor your request.

Thank you and God bless you and your health,

Have an outstanding day.

"Remember the race is not always won by the swiftest but by the person who doesn't give up."

Your health is our goal!

James and Jean Sapp
Life Plus Representatives

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