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health, water filters, bottled, contaminated, drinking water
health, water filters, bottled, contaminated, drinking water

health, water filters, bottled, contaminated, drinking water,

The Amazing Pure Water Machine

Because Good Health Starts with Pure Water

Certainly we all want to disinfect our water – but do you want to disinfect your family, too?

You’re probably already aware that:health, water filters, bottled, contaminated, drinking water,
•Chemicals (such as disinfection by-products, solvents, and pesticides), radionuclides (such as radium), and minerals (such as arsenic) are contaminants found in our drinking water that can negatively influence our health with chronic conditions such as cancer, liver or kidney problems, or reproductive difficulties.
•About 90% of our population drinks chlorinated water that can contain hundreds of disinfectant by-products resulting from water treatment.
You may not be aware that:
•MTBE (methyl-t-butyl ether) released into ground and surface water can occur through leaking underground storage tanks and pipelines, spills, emissions from marine engines into lakes and reservoirs, and to some extent from air deposition.
•Lead, trihalomethanes, and asbestos can occur in your drinking water after it leaves your local water treatment plant.
If You Don’t Filter Your Water:
•You should "flush" your cold-water pipes by running the water until it becomes as cold as it will get, anytime the water in a particular faucet has not been used for six hours or longer, especially in older homes. The more time water has been sitting in your home's pipes, the more lead it may contain.
•You should only use water from the cold-water tap for drinking, cooking, and especially for making baby formula, because hot water is likely to contain higher levels of lead. The two actions recommended above are very important to the health of your family. They will probably be effective in reducing lead levels because most of the lead in household water usually comes from the plumbing in your house, not from the local water supply.

An EPA audit suggests there are tens of thousands more cases a year than previously documented in which water systems break safety rules. In September 1999, USA Today reported, "88% Of The Violations Go Unreported."
Many people today consider the “gold standard” to be bottled water. Here are some facts not commonly known about bottled water:
• A typical family will spend several hundred dollars annually for bottled water.
• Both bottled water and tap water have to meet the same standard – the same contaminants in your tap water may also be in your bottled water.
• 25% of all bottled water is simply recycled tap water.
• Bottled water must be replaced with time consuming trips to the grocery store or by expensive delivery services.

Clean water is always available with the Life Plus Pure Water Machine*. Your drinking water is treated right in your home, as you need it, at the point-of-use. Its quality meets NSF International/WQA strict standards and is certified to reduce a wide range of unhealthy contaminants. Your family’s supply of fresh, healthful drinking water is unlimited. And it costs only pennies a day!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not establish standards or testing protocol for consumer installed drinking water filtration or treatment systems. Consumers seeking assistance are referred to NSF International, a non-profit organization designated as a World Health Organization Collaborative Center for drinking water safety and quality, which develops and administers programs related to public health. NSF’s high standards have been adopted internationally for consumer products and services, including drinking water filtration systems.

The Life Plus Pure Water Machine meets NSF/WQA Standard 53 (Health Effects). Such hazardous contaminants may be microbiological, chemical, or particulate (including filterable cysts) in nature.
The Life Plus Pure Water Machine has been certified as NSF/WQA Standard 42 (Aesthetic Effects) Class I compliant. This requires that chlorine be reduced by 75% to 100% and that particulate reduction occur at 0.5 to 1 micrometer (sub-micron).

*Life Plus Pure Water Machine is for use with potable water only

Pure Water Machine Water Filter Product Details

Pure Water Machine Water Filter Page 3 Details - Answer all your questions before you buy.

Pure Water Machine (US SAE) - Counter Top 8518 $235
Pure Water Machine (US SAE) - Under Counter Model 8517 $395
Water Filter Cartridge Replacement (US SAE) 8519 $85

health, water filters, bottled, contaminated, drinking water,

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