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weight loss health and nutrition supplements newsletter

Healthy Nutrition with Enzymes and Phytonutrients from over 30 different Plants Fruits and Vegetables.


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weight loss health and nutrition supplements newsletter

weight loss health and nutrition supplements newsletter

Tips to Improve Your Memory - New Bio-Shape Weight Loss Support. Test your knowledge \Trivia -Health and more. Expose on Being the Finest and Nutritional Products. The Ruggburns - a new comic episode.

Here are some of the comments we recently received in regards to our newsletter.

James and Jean Sapp at your Service!

Mr. Sapp, this is Jeremy Letnick. I greatly appreciate your newsletters as they are informative and very fun to read. However, I am changing email addresses.

I would like to continue receiving your newsletters and if you could start emailing them to my new email address, I would be greatful and very happy to benefit from your informative newsletters. Thank you. Jeremy

image Beauty of the Sea

"You know Brain, there is a simpler way than eating fruits, vegetables and carrots all day. Also did you know that good nutrition with Daily BioBasics can Nourish, Cleanse, Protect and a Whole Lot more? It's a Premium Nutritional Powerhouse."


1. ARTICLE - "Trivia- Questions and Answers with Mr. Brain."
Synopsis - Test your knowledge - health and other trivia questions with Mr. Brain.

Synopsis - At Last Revealed -Expose on Leadership, Being the Best and Nutritional Products!

3. FEATURED ARTICLE - The Ruggburns Home Business Comic!
Synopsis - ...New Episode - New feature The Ruggburns is a satirical look at home business stereotypes.

4. ARTICLE - New Bio-Shape Weight Loss Program
Synopsis - Looks at the new BioShape weight loss program and testimonies.

Synopsis - YOU CAN CONTROL AGE-ASSOCIATED MEMORY IMPAIRMENT. Looks at various things that can lead to memory problems and various solutions to those problems.

Synopsis - Webpages containing valuable information on a variety of health topics.

These are the topics you will be reading in this edition of the newsletter!!!!

ARTICLE - "Trivia- Questions and Answers with Mr. Brain."

1. True or False - There is another version of the painting underneath the "Mona Lisa."

2. True or False - As time goes by, your body slowly loses the ability to produce enzymes.

3. True or False - Drinking a glass of ice water causes the body to burn 123 calories.

4. True or False - Research has shown that people who have a chronic disease, or have low energy levels also have lower enzyme content in their blood, urine, and tissues..

5. True or False - Humans can run faster than hippos.

6. True or False - One of the main reasons why we suffer a shortage of enzymes is mainly a problem of LIFESTYLE. .

7. True or False -On July 4, 1776 what do you suppose King George of England wrote concerning the American Declaration of Independence in his diary. .

8. True or False - When someone suffers from painful leg cramps in their sleep this normally indicates a shortage of magnesium.

9. True or False - Giant oil tankers get less than 1/10 mile per gallon.

10. True or False - More Americans have died in car accident than all US wars.

Click Here for Answers!

The Brain - Mr. Q and A!


Expose on Leadership, Being the Best and Nutritional Products!

In every field of human endeavor, he who would be the finest must always live in the bright light of the spotlight.

Whether this leadership is vested in a man or in a manufactured product, imitation and envy are ever at work.

Whether in a product or some field like music or art, the reward and the punishment are almost always the same.

The reward is widespread recognition for an outstanding product. However, often in some fields the reward is not immediate and recognition can be a long time coming.

The punishment, is criticism and tearing down. Comments like "That product is overpriced, ours is just as good and costs less!" is often common-place. For manufacturers know in certain areas they can cut corners without many in the general public ever the wiser. Because they know that in most cases the long term results are not immediately apparent and the product flaws won't show up until a few years later.

It is like the home manufacturer cutting corners in areas that the buyer can't see. Yet 5-10 years later when problems arise - it exposes these cutting of corners.

In the area of nutrition the problem is more pronounced, as one it largely is an area few people know much about. Only recently are people becoming more knowledgeable about nutrition, and a true knowledge and not just a surface "being aware" knowledge.

The problem of educating the public is not an easy one and seems to have stemmed from early nutritional science. Forty years ago before the fast and processed food revolution, people ate much more nutritious foods. Thus when many of the early nutrition products came on the market they were mainly just multi-vitamin/mineral products. Inexpensively made to address the needs of the day with the limited science available at the time.

And so the grocery shelves became stocked with these inexpensive vitamin products. People furthermore became conditioned to the price of these cheap products. Then as nutritional science grew over the past 30 years science has found that the body needs much more than just the standard vitamins and minerals. To be truly healthy they are finding it needs enzymes, and phytonutrients, and amino acids and numerous antioxidants, etc.

Also advances in the manufacturing of nutrition products have occurred and as they did they exposed big holes in the previous manufacturing of products. The cheap processes manufacturers had been using were producing far from an optimal product.

As often happens in a situation like this these companies were faced with a dilemma.

Big manufacturing has often been faced with these dilemmas in the past. They condition a general public to expect a certain price for a certain product – then when they discover a superior process or ingredients they are reluctant to use them. Because doing so while it may produce a far superior product would increase the cost of their product. With a general public expecting a certain price it could be devastating to a company to all of a sudden start charging a greater price as other companies would quickly capture their market share.

So their product stays largely unchanged until the market for their product changes.

For example many of you may remember not too many years ago that laundry detergents came in great big boxes. The majority of which was worthless filler to take up space and give the consumer "more for their money". The bottom line is there were small companies producing the concentrated laundry detergents you have today many years before these big manufacturers. These small companies were 10-15 years ahead of their time.

The big giant companies knew they could produce a concentrated product in a much smaller box, but they also knew the general public had been conditioned to expect a big box of detergent for their money. They knew they could lose huge market share. Ask yourself what you would do if you were suddenly seeing a box of detergent 1/3 the size for the same money. You would buy the bigger box (thinking you're getting more for your money) and the manufacturers knew this.

Of course in reality the concentrated product was superior as for one you didn't have all those extra fillers running through your washing machine to possibly wear it out sooner.

So often these superior products are just exclaimed as being overpriced and no better until society and the light of day catches up with the information that is available. There will always be superior products in the marketplace, usually produced by smaller principled companies whose main goal is simply to produce the best product available.

And there will always be larger companies who will rely on the conditioning of the general public to accept a lesser product as being "just as good", while exclaiming the superior product as "just overpriced".

And these larger companies will continue to produce an inferior product just like the laundry manufacturers until their research indicates they won't lose their market share by coming out with a superior more expensive product. But in reality public perception and information always lags behind the "State of the Art" products.

So the small innovative companies will often be the leaders in the field usually without ever dominating the field. Their customers will always be the special educated few who realize, while they may pay a little more they are getting a superior product for their money. And in the long run who really pays more?

I guess it depends upon what currency someone considers more valuable – whether they are paying with their health or their money!

Life Plus has made the finest in Nutritional Supplements using only the finest methods and ingredients since 1936. Click here to see the outstanding manufacturing processes Life Plus employees!

FEATURED ARTICLE - The Ruggburns Comic.

home business comic MLM network marketingThe Ruggburns - by Grace and James Sapp
image Ruggburns Episode 5 work from home business comic MLM image Ruggburns Episode 5 work from home business comic MLM
image Ruggburns Episode 5 work from home business comic MLM image Ruggburns Episode 5 work from home business comic MLM

The Ruggburns is a satirical look at MLM stereotypes. It highlights common Network Marketing mistakes and misconceptions. We believe it is still the finest type of home business to have because of its simplicity and lack of problems inherent in other types of businesses.

Of course just like life all businesses also have problems. However, learn how we have eliminated the most common obstacles standing in the way of having success in a home business.

In this episode Joe Combover, Mr. Rugg, Clarance "The Brain" and Julie are discussing ideas for a weight loss marketing campaign. A good weight loss campaign that works will generate a lot of revenue, because it creates a lot of referrals as people lose weight. Joe Combover has gotten a little off tract with his "Weight Loss Billboard" and his crazy donut diet and exercise campaign. He seems to think that people will ignore their lack of results because they love eating donuts and watching TV.

Actually Life Plus has an excellent weight loss program call the BioShape Weight Loss Program. People are feeling more healthy with more energy and also losing weight. Check out this great program on the folowing webpage:

BioShape Weight Loss Program

If you are interested in possibly earning some extra income or know someone else who may be - Click Here for more Information!

Click Here for Additional Ruggburns Comics!

ARTICLE - New Bio-Shape Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Support System


"Lose Weight-Be Healthy and Have All the Energy You Want!"

"This Program Sure Tastes Great!"

Try Risk Free - Comes With a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

The products in the Pak are outstanding, however the real advantage to the BioShape Paks and the BioShape system is the outstanding support behind the system. This is the true key to effective weight loss. Having this support on hand is very often the difference between failure and success in someone meeting their weight loss goals.

You are provided support e-mails on a regular basis offering encouragement, weight loss tips and pointers. We also provide you free phone and e-mail support to answer any questions you may have. We are here to provide total support to your weight loss and nutrition needs.

The key to effective weight loss. Do you remember when you were young how you almost always had energy and could eat almost anything you liked without gaining weight? Then as you got older it became harder and harder to keep the weight off.

Well the key to effective weight loss is stimulating your metabolism back toward the levels it was at in our youth. Many products try to do that by stimulating the metabolism in an artificial sense. This is what the ephedra based products do and are often not healthy for the body. Part of the problem with using weight loss products like these by themselves is that while you may lose weight, part of that weight is muscle. And roughly 1 pound of muscle will cause the body to burn 50 calories per day at rest. So if you lose 25 pounds of weight, but 5 pounds of that is muscle your body now will burn 250 calories less per day. Hence all of the yo-yo diets, where the weight comes off and then goes back on, because of the loss of muscle. That is why as you shall see later on that protein is so vitally important to losing weight and keeping it off.

The corner stone of our system is Bio-Basics. Bio-Basics is a nutritional powerhouse that contains all of your vitamins and minerals, concentrates from 35 fruits and vegetables, antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, beneficial micro-flora and soluble fibers.

Our second pillar is a high-protein, low carbohydrate Super Shake. This is not like some meal replacement that you may have tried in the past. It truly satisfies and tastes great. Super Shake is a high protein nutrition drink.

Believe it our not, we want you to eat 5-6 meals a day. However, you'll need to eat high protein, low carb, meals and snacks. But, what about those times when you absolutely have to have some of those starchy foods like pasta, breads or potatoes?

Well, that's where Phase o'lean comes in. Simply take one or two tablets 10-15 minutes before you eat and Phase o'lean will help BLOCK the absorption of starchy carbohydrates!!! By inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down complex carbohydrates into sugars. Our exclusive Starch Blocker causes those calories to "pass right through".

But the real advantage you have with this system in losing weight is the support behind the system. You are supplied e-mails with tips and encouragement every few days. Plus we are here to support you by telephone or e-mail. We want you to succeed and want to monitor your progress on a weekly level to see how you are doing. This is the best way to assure you get the desired results.

You will also receive exact explicit instructions on how to make this program work for you.

Also you can receive discounts and possibly even get your products for free by referring others who may be interested in losing weight.

Also the products come with an unconditional money back guarantee - so you can try this program risk free for 30 days.

Please get back to us with any questions or comments you have. We would love to hear from you.

Check out the BioShape Paks descriptions and other info - Click Here:

Other Important Health Articles


How to Improve Your Memory! Identifing the most common memory problems and solutions for improving your memory!

..."the single most important aid to maintaining
your memory is paying attention.
Most of us just don't really listen."

Normal memory decline begins in most individuals as they reach their mid-thirties and becomes more noticeable by their mid-forties. By age fifty, things grow more troublesome. As a matter of fact, you can hear people within this age range talking about memory difficulties often, even joking about it. The medical term for normal memory loss associated with aging of the brain is AAMI: Age-Associated Memory Impairment.

Conditions at work, anxiety, depression and other kinds of stress are psychological causes contributing to memory loss. We live in the "information age" and maybe sometimes there is just too much to remember. This notion is discussed in an amusing, interesting manner by retired professor Fred Chernow. His book is entitled The Sharper Mind: Mental Games for a Keen Mind and Foolproof Memory. As he says, the problem may be our thinking we need to remember too much of the information coming at us. Try filtering instead. Ask yourself if a particular fact is worth remembering. This can help eliminate non-useful information adding to your clutter.

There are a number of other ways to improve or maintain your memory, especially if chemicals are a factor in lessened performance. Limiting or eliminating your consumption of alcohol, tranquilizers and sleeping pills is one; ensuring you are getting enough quality sleep and are eating a nutritionally balanced diet is another. You may want to take nutritional supplements to ensure you are obtaining all the nutrients needed by your body to maintain a sharp and focused mind. Check with your physician

..."problem may be our thinking we need to remember too much of the information coming at us. Try filtering instead. Ask yourself if a particular fact is worth remembering."

to ensure you do not have a chemical imbalance in your body which may cause some memory problems, and if so, if it might be corrected with appropriate medication. Note that some medications may actually cause memory problems; you may want to check with your physician or pharmacist if you think a medication you are taking is having this effect.

Your circulatory system delivers nutrition and oxygen to all parts of your body. In that your brain needs lots of oxygen, it cannot function optimally if you have poor circulation. Memory, therefore, can also be negatively influenced by poor circulation. In his recent book - Real Age: Are You As Young As You Can Be? - Dr. Michael Roizen, M.D., suggests several lifestyle habits to help improve your circulation:

  • Take plenty of antioxidant supplements and/or make sure you are getting plenty in your diet.
  • Make physical activity a part of your life, including both walking and strength training.
  • Avoid unhealthy saturated fats and trans-fats and be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables - and plenty of fiber.
  • Don't smoke and avoid second-hand smoke.
  • Maintain gum health. Bacteria that cause dental plaque, and can result in periodontal disease, can also cause inflammation in your arteries.

To summarize these points, the importance of maintaining healthy circulation to fight aging and support healthy brain function cannot be overstated.

Good Tips and Solutions for Improving Memory!
Professor Chernow asserts the single most important aid to maintaining your memory is paying attention. Most of us just don't really listen
. Stop and think about it: when was the last time you felt the person you were talking too was really listening to what you had to say? People who concentrate and are observant have better memories.

A good example is forgetting where you left your keys. Had you been concentrating on what you were doing when you laid them down, you probably would remember where they were when needed them later. It may sound amusing at first, but affirming out loud, or at least mentally, "I am placing my keys in this drawer and I will remember where I put them," may improve the situation.

In other words INTEND to remember. The power of your INTENDING can be huge and fulfilling in your life. Try it; you will be amazed.

Don't let yourself become isolated, as isolation leads to depression and memory loss. Develop friends, join clubs, have a pet or whatever you enjoy to keep mentally active. Don't be afraid of your emotions - they are your guides to a healthy, successful and enjoyable life.

Avoid clutter. People who remain more organized throughout life have better memories. Pick what you are interested in and do the best you can to block out all the "mental noise" around you. Spending time on non-productive, non-fulfilling activities, such as watching too much TV, fills your mind with a mishmash you don't need and lessens your ability to concentrate. Exercise your brain by reading books, studying subjects you enjoy, playing a musical instrument. Any kind of learning can slow memory loss and can actually increase your brain's capacity. What's more, through the Internet, we have an almost unlimited world of intellectual stimulation available to us at the click of a mouse.

We have been given an incredible ability to mentally cope with life and take advantage of this beautiful planet. Learn to make the most of your brain by concentrating on what is happening around you. Take enough personal time to reflect on your life, your friends and family, on God and on your inner self. Sit quietly each day and breathe slowly and deeply. Intend fully to have a good memory and you will.

Products to Support Healthy Brain Function

Product to Support Healthy Circulation


Antioxidants and Free Radicals
Reverse Anti-Aging Health and Nutrition Supplement

Dietary Fiber and Colon Cleansing
Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes
IsaGenix Product B Telomere Support

Dealing With Anger & Stress
Exercise & Working Out
Information Just For Women
Diet and Eating Tips
Energy Tips
Beauty Tips and Skin Information
The Skin & Antioxidants
General Health and Nutrition Information

Migraine (Migrane) Headaches - Role of Stress
Top 10 Foods for Health & Longevity
Overlooked Health Benefits from Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Index of Other Articles
Additional Health and Nutrition Information

Index of Past Newsletters

1. True - Actually X-rays show there are three different versions underneath.

2. True - Also many health and aging issues could be significantly reduced or eliminated if sufficient supplies of enzymes were present to break down the food and nutrients and deliver them to the cells and organs. Thus the benefit of digestive enzymes supplements.

3. True - And for other excellent weight loss problems and solutions - Click Here!

4. True - Once researchers thought that a person's enzyme levels were low because they were sick. But, recently researchers have found that the reason a person may be sick or in poor health may be because of low enzyme content.

5. False - Actually hippos can run faster than humans.

6. True - Poor dietary habits, fast and processed foods, and excessive intake of fat and sugars, all require excessive amounts of enzymes. Stress kills and damages cells, resulting in our enzyme-making machinery having to work overtime to help rebuild and replace them.

Environmental pollution causes continuous cellular insult and damage requiring the ongoing assistance from enzymes just to maintain a healthy immune system. And time is a big factor. Time and the process of living uses up enzymes that must be replaced if we expect to retain the healthy active life style we have grown accustomed to. Every one of these factors diminishes our body's capacity to act, to do, to feel the way we want to feel; and, as many reputable scientists will tell you, can even shorten your life.

7. False - Actually King George wrote, "Nothing of importance happened today."

8. True - True although calcium is very important to be taken with magnesium - they work closely hand in hand together. An excellent calcium magnesium product is CalMag Plus from Life Plus.

9. True - Actually giant oil tankers only travel 31 feet for each gallon of fuel.

10. True- More Americans have died in car accident than all US wars.


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"Remember the race is not always won by the swiftest but by the person who doesn't give up."

Your health is our goal!

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