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You and your family deserve the highest quality products at reasonable prices.  Now you can benefit from our over sixty years of experience manufacturing and providing "doctor quality" leading edge food supplements.  Life Plus -highest quality health and nutrition products
Here are just a few of the reasons to be a Life Plus Customer: Life Plus -highest quality health and nutrition products Life Plus -highest quality health and nutrition products

The Following Supports the Reputation of Life Plus as producing Products of the absolute "Highest Quality".

  1. Years of Service Since 1936 - One of the oldest nutritional manufacturers in the United States.
  2. Dr. Jacques Masquelier chose Life Plus- The World's foremost authority on OPC and antioxidants specially selected Life Plus because of "..their high commitment to quality" and awarded Life Plus his "Certificate of Authenticity". The only such company in the United States to receive this special award.
  3. The company that Patented Lyprinol chose Life Plus over other well known companies to produce Lyprinol in the United States because of the Life Plus' "... integrity in management, and the capability for world-wide expansion."
  4. Dr. John Marshall the developer of the Starch Blocker chose Life Plus to distribute and market "The Original Starch Blocker" because of their commitment to quality and integrity.
  5. Life Plus' sister company is Prodentec which markets only the highest quality dental equipment to Dentists and Dental Professionals.

The Following Supports the Reputation of Life Plus as producing Products of the absolute Best Value.

  1. Low Temperature Processing - Life Plus uses low temperature processing in their manufacturing processing. Most companies don't use this as it costs more, but not using it could greatly affect the effectiveness of the end product.
  2. Life Plus assures the Proper Dissolution Rate - If a product takes too long to break down or breaks down at the wrong time the value of the product can be greatly diminished. Many products are not properly formulated in this regard and thus not nearly as effective.
  3. Proper  pH Balance - Life Plus' high quality products are properly pH balanced for maximum value. Many others products are not and thus not as effective.
  4. Synergistic Products (1 + 1 + 1 =7)  - Life Plus pays strict attention to the blending of ingredients because through their many years of experience they know that this can greatly enhance the effectiveness of each product. This comes from experience dating back to 1936.
  5. PhytoNutrient Base - Instead of fillers Life Plus uses a phytonutrient base of phytonutrients (containing antioxidants, enzymes, and other valuable nutrients)  from concentrations of over 30 different plants, fruits, and vegetables. This greatly increases the value of each Life Plus product.
  6. Life Plus Uses Active Enzymes - These break down mucous in the digestive tract allowing the nutrients from the product to more easily pass through the intestinal wall and into the blood stream, thus enhancing the value of each Life Plus product.
  7. Small Batch Processing - Plus Life Plus uses small batch processing for freshness, all natural ingredients and no preservatives, .
  8. Shared Overhead- Because Life Plus is able to share many administrative overhead costs with it's sister company - Prodentec, it is able to pass these savings on to you.

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