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image logo Minerals Chart Healh Benefits and USRDA RDA Amounts Calcium Magnesium Chromium

Minerals Chart - Their Common Healh Benefits and USRDA Recommended Amounts

The following contains the benefits and USRDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) amounts, plus the most common forms used in nutritional supplements. Note: These RDAs were developed for healthy people under normal healthy circumstances (i.e., no presence of illness or disease, no genetic problems, no exposure to harmful toxins, etc.) to prevent deficiency diseases.

In addition, the studies that were used to determine the level of a nutrient sufficient to prevent a nutritional deficiency over a short period of time- typically conducted for six to nine months. Nutritional studies with animals have shown that the amounts of some nutrients sufficient to provide health and the prevention of a deficiency disease for short periods of time may be totally inadequate to maintain health over the animals entire life.


  • beneficial in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis
  • lowers cholesterol and helps prevent cardiovascular disease
  • aids the nervous system, especially in impulse transmission
  • may prevent colorectal cancer
  • keeps the heart beating regularly
  • relieves cramps in legs
  • alleviates insomnia
  • helps metabolize the body's iron


  • works as a deterrent for diabetes
  • helps prevent and lower high blood pressure

COPPER Copper aspartate  USRDA 2 mg

  • anti-cancer substance
  • anti-inflammatory
  • immune system booster
  • protects against cardiovascular disease
  • useful against some forms of arthritis
  • assists in absorption of iron


  • stimulates the immune system
  • useful in treatment of cancer
  • useful in treatment of Epstein-Barr virus

IODINE Dulse    USRDA 150 mcg

  • improves mental alertness
  • may give relief from fibrous cystic breast disease
  • promotes healthy hair, nails, skin and teeth

MAGNESIUM Magnesium oxide  USRDA 400 mg

  • protects against cardiovascular disease
  • helps in the treatment of high blood pressure
  • useful in the treatment of prostate problems
  • aids in fighting depression
  • beneficial in the treatment of neuromuscular and nervous disorders
  • beneficial in the treatment of PMS
  • helps prevent kidney stones and gallstones
  • useful in treatment of polio and postpolio syndrome
  • vital for a healthy immune system
  • keeps teeth healthy
  • relieves cramps in legs

MANGANESE Manganese aspartate  USRDA 2 mg

  • helps eliminate fatigue
  • marginally improves memory
  • promotes healthy muscle reflexes
  • reduces nervous irritability

MOLYBDENUM Sodium molibate  USRDA 75 mcg

  • may help prevent cancer
  • helps prevent anemia

POTASSIUM Potassium aspartate  NO USRDA

  • useful in prevention and treatment of high blood pressure
  • beneficial in the prevention and treatment of cancer
  • protective against stroke-related death
  • helps dispose of body wastes
  • may aid in allergy treatment

SELENIUM Selenium aspartate  USRDA  70 mcg

  • anti-carcinogenic
  • protective against heart and circulatory disease
  • increases male potency and sex drive
  • works with vitamin E to protect against oxidation
  • immunostimulant
  • capable of detoxifying heavy metals, various drugs, alcohol, cigarette smoke, peroxidized fats
  • has anti-inflammatory properties

SULFUR Colloidal sulfur  NO USRDA

  • essential for healthy hair, skin and nails
  • helps fight bacterial infection
  • aids the liver in bile secretion

VANADIUM Vanadium sulfate  NO USRDA

  • aids in preventing heart attacks

ZINC Zinc picolinate   USRDA 15 mg

  • boosts immunity aids in the prevention of blindness required for maintenance of taste, smell and vision
  • Increases male potency and sex drive useful in the treatment and prevention of infertility
  • helps prevent cancer
  • useful in preventing and treating colds
  • accelerates wound healing
  • useful in prevention and treatment of prostate problems

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