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"Story -The Magic Scroll - Secret of Maximum Health."

In ancient times there was an adventurer who was entrusted with a scroll containing the secrets of health, youth, and longevity by a great old wise man. He was told that this secret was very time sensitive. If this secret wasn't applied on a consistent basis, it would lose it's power.

At first this great adventurer diligently applied this information but as time progressed he soon lost site of the value of the secret and rarely used it...years went by and eventually he forgot about this gift he had been entrusted with so many years ago by the old wise man. The adventurer was an old man now and just a shadow of his former strong self. Many infirmities of old age had set in and he looked like a withered old man.

At this time of his life he often thought about his glory days as a youth when he felt strong and invincible. Than one day he remembered how as a youth on one of his many journeys how he had been given a great gift of the secret of health and longevity from the old wise man. He thought to himself "where did I put that old scroll." Then he remembered he had stored it in an old chest in his attic.

Mustering all his strength he slowly climbed the steps leading up to the attic. Even though the steps were not many he had to stop several times and rest on the way up. Finally reaching the top of the steps he slowly made his way to the chest. Upon opening the chest he dusted off the old scroll and slowly opened it up. He than proceeded to read the following words:

"The following scroll contains the secrets to health, youthful energy, and longevity. However, the information contained within can't be put aside or dismissed. It must be read and studied but mostly applied on a daily basis. A person can't put this information aside and than hope to pick it up at the end of their life and expect it to perform the same magic, because at that point the magic will be gone. For there is a time limit to apply these secrets and if they are not applied they lose their ability to work."

At this point the old adventurer realized what a fool he had been. How had he come to ignore the advice written in the scroll. At this point he knew that even though it was too late for himself he must let others know these secrets before it was too late for them also.

At this point you are probably wondering what was contained in the scroll and was it really magic. Well let me say this, the information in the scroll itself, was not magic, but God has put a certain magic in each of our bodies to heal themselves.

Here is what the rest of the scroll read.

"Young man take these words and guard them with your heart. You will be given very valuable advise by experts that are concerned very much about your health. You will know in your heart rather they are right or not. You will have two choices, you can either ignore their advise or you can choose to follow it. The choice is yours but you the time to start is now and not after you have grown old and sick."

And what was the expert advise the young adventurer was given.

Story by James A. Sapp (Copyright 1999)

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