Life Plus Starch Blocker Phase o’Lean Forte Low Carb Weight Loss Product

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starches blocked by Phase o'LeanThis is the Original Starch (Carb) Blocker- Weight Loss Formula now New and Improved – Double Strength! Now Each Tablet Blocks Up to 500 calories of Starch Carbohydrates!

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Phase o’Lean Forte is a great addition to any weight loss control plan because it allows you to vary your menu by including some starch in your diet without having to suffer the consequences (within reason of course).


It is important to take your Phase’oLean FORTE Starch Carb Blocker Tablets (preferably 15 – 20 minutes) before each meal containing starch. A second tablet can be taken half way through the meal if desired.

If you take it too soon, it will pass through before the starch is present. If you take it too late, the alpha-amylase will have already broken down the starch before the starch blocker gets there. Always remember this: The alpha-amylase is produced when you first begin to eat.

If you take your Phase’oLean FORTE shortly before you begin eating, you will disable it at the right time. Phase’oLean FORTE Starch Blocker Tablets are scored so they are easily broken in half enabling you to take only one-half tablet when a small snack is eaten.

Note: Now with twice as many tablets per bottle. At half the dosage as before this makes it easier and more convenient to take.

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Life Plus Vitamins Summer Special Free MSM Plus Lotion

What does Summer mean to you? Whether it’s getting out and about with friends, relaxing in the sun or trying something more adventurous we all want to have fun in the sun.
Life Plus Summer MSM Lotion Special

 That’s why we’ve put together our Summer Sensation Pack.

Buy MSM Plus and Fusions Red and get MSM Plus Vital Care Lotion for FREE!

This offer is available from from July 1 – August 31, 2016 – while stocks last – so take care of yourself from the inside out and have fun in the sun!

MSM Plus and Fusions Red are both great products for joint health. MSM Plus Vital Care Lotion is also good for applying to the skin and joints.

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Life Plus Vitamins Video Resolving Health Issues Naturally.

This is a great video which gives insight into resolving health issues naturally without drugs.
In light of how prescription drugs can present so many problems for people I believe this is very valuable information.

Life Plus Fruits and Vegetables

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Life Plus Vitamins Video Nutrition Health Supplements Advantages

Life Plus video details the superior health benefits and advantages of Life Plus vitamins and nutritional supplements.

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Video on the Superiority of Life Plus Products Phytonutrients – Click Here!

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Video Life Plus Vitamins Superior Formulation w Enzymes Phytonutrients Nutrition Products

Why do we do this – because there is a lot of bad in the World we must stand for good. And because we have the power to change the world we must. Each of us has this power as long as we believe we do.

This is an interesting story about a dentist and the principal of out of sight – out of mind. In this story we detail why Life Plus products are superior. Things like active enzymes, phytonutrients, pH balance, cold processing, small batch processing and more.

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Life Plus Story Video Best Fiber Products Colon Formula Daily BioBasics

This is an intriguing video about Things Certain People would rather you not know. Information extracted by a visit to the mountain castle of Baron Von Healthalot.

This is part of a story video series that shows why Life Plus products are Premier World Class products. And in this case shows why Colon Formula and Daily BioBasics are possibly the two best dietary fiber products in the world.

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These amazing cleansing products contain 6 Types of Fiber, Acidophilus, Enzymes, Flaxseed, Alginate, Phytonutrients and More. All in one Product!

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Lyprinex – Lyprinol is the Life Plus February Monthly Special

Lyprinex – Lyprinol is on special 20% off through the end of February (2-28-13).Life Plus Monthly Special
Lyprinol is the Green Lipped Mussel Extract formula for joint comfort which really helps people with joint pain.  - Lyprinex blocks the cox and lox pathways to an extent, thereby blocking or reducing the formation of leukotrienes and prostaglandins which are associated with joint pain.

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Why You Shouldn’t Take Big Store Brand Vitamins and Other Videos

I had never thought about this aspect of taking the main brands of vitamins you see stocked on Grocery and Department store shelves. I knew that these were typically poor quality because of a number of different factors such as:

  • The tablets are pressed too hard to prevent breakage. This hardness also prevents the tablet from properly breaking down in your stomach.
  • They are not cold processed so they typically are void of the active nutrients like enzymes.
  • Also they typically only at or slightly above 100% of the Daily Recommended Amounts or RDA which really should stand for Ridiculous Daily Amounts.

What I really hadn’t thought about is to stay on the store shelves as long as they do, they need to load the product down with excess preservatives.

Anyway check out the following video. This is one of a series of why Life Plus vitamins are head and shoulder superior to other products on the market.

Also come back here as we will be publishing other videos like this.

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New Comic About Colon Cleansing – Is this Your Livingroom?

Most of us clean our homes on a fairly regular basis. This picture obviously is silly. We certainly wouldn’t let our houses look like this. Yet we live in our body more than our living room.

We clean our homes on a regular basis. Shouldn’t we use a colon cleansing supplement like Colon Formula on a regular basis?

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Comic -Weight Loss Health & Nutrition

Comic – Grunhelga fighting the “battle of the bulge” with the Pretty and Fat Fairies!

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Bottom Line Formula:

  1. Burn more calories than take in = Lose Weight
  2. Take in more calories then you burn = Gain Weight

Grunhelga above was mistakenly focusing on option 2 above. We want to focus on option 1.

“7 Reasons Why Most Weight Loss Diet Programs Don’t Work -Plus Weight Loss Solutions!”