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Our Home Business Story - James and Jean Sapp

As told by James (Jim) Sapp.

I spent over 20 years in the corporate world and even though I had a good job, I never seemed to get ahead. When the kids were little Jean worked as a Nurse and as long as she worked we were doing okay.

Then one day Jean lost her job and didn't go back to work as she decided to stay home with the kids.

Sometimes We Need A Light To Guide Us Safely!

At this point our finances started to slip as I was constantly taking money from my retirement savings to pay bills.

After several years of this I decided to look for some additional ways to make money. In January 1995 I joined a company which went out of business a month later. About that time someone talked me into joining Amway. I did better than most making about $300 per month.

Than in August of 1995 I was invited to a meeting to take a look at Life Plus.

What I saw presented at that meeting really excited me.

Through the simplicity of what I saw I thought. Here is a business that I could be successful at.

Anyway to make a long story short, eventually I had doubled my full-time income as an Engineer (at Rockwell and Boeing) and reached the level of Diamond. And all of this was done while working full time at my regular job.

Eventually I decided I needed to leave Boeing as it got to be too much running a business and working full time. I had done much better in the 3 years working for myself than I was ever able to do in 20 years of struggling to get ahead in the corporate world.

So with much fanfare I walked away from my daily corporate commute to work for myself in my home office.

I was somewhat shocked 3 months after quitting my corporate job at Boeing that the local facility in Georgia announced they would be shutting down and virtually everyone would lose their job.

I was so fortunate that 3 and a half years earlier I had been introduced to Life Plus. And it has made all the difference.

Of course Jean has been an inspiration and great help in our business since we started. While I do much of the marketing work she runs the office part of our business.

At this point I want to share with you what I believe beyond Life Plus' simplified system, has been most responsible for our success.

Back in 1995 when I first got started in Life Plus my good friend Robert Thompson suggested I look into the internet as a way to market the Life Plus business and products. So ever since than I have read and studied every book, tape or newsletter I could get by hands on about marketing, sales the Internet, etc. I even attended marketing seminars in various cities around the country.

This plus the help of our excellent people enabled us to reach the level of 2-Star Diamond.

The Following Documents our Strengths and Weakness and Shows How We've solved these weaknesses and How This Greatly Benefits You!

However, starting over 18 months ago we started becoming a little frustrated. In a sense if it is possible I had gotten too good at marketing. And the same was true with some of my key people. We had gotten extremely good at bringing in new customers and distributors. While we were able to sign people up in large numbers we had trouble getting the new distributors we signed up duplicating our efforts.

The problem was we were greatly successful because of our excellent marketing skills, not because we had successfully taught others what we knew. I don't say this to boast as this is what should be expected from someone who has spent thousands of hours and dollars studying marketing and the Internet. I mean only a complete idiot wouldn't have been successful with this much time and study invested.

However, we knew in order to achieve our full earning potential as well as greatly assist others to have a successful home business we had to come up with a system where a large number of people could take advantage of our marketing skills.

This got us looking into different systems. Because our problem was too much skill was in our very hands and not in the system. In order to duplicate our success an individual had to have a a lot of knowledge about the Internet, sales and marketing. And most people didn't have the patience to learn these skills.

I like to talk about McDonald's because their systems are so incredible. Their success is not based upon the individual having to have great skills for the business to succeed. Instead all of McDonalds brilliance was placed into their system so that virtually anyone with a minimum of training could be plugged into that system and the system keeps on running smoothly.

So this got us thinking - we have a lot of fantastic marketing skills but what we really need is a system that almost anyone could plug into and be successful. Then we could put all of our marketing talents behind the system and people. So that all new distributors joining our system could benefit from our marketing efforts.

We thought, "Gee whiz why can't we do the same thing in marketing a system for other people that we did ourselves to attract all the customers and distributors on a consistent basis." In this fashion we can help a lot more people become successful and also overcome our own deficiencies in helping the people we sign up to grow their business. We simply needed to come up with a way for others to tap into our skills of marketing without them having to learn these same skills.

That became our desire but the answer to our problem was still a long way away.

In a sense we had become like prisoners within our own system. Very very good at marketing our product and business in order to attract others, while at the same time being inept at imparting that knowledge to others. Although, it wasn't totally our fault. Our system in a sense was too complicated to teach to others without a lot of time and patience on the part of others and ourselves.

Out of this frustration eventually came the LifeLine system.

However, here is where this greatly benefits you.

The LifeLine is an excellent system - it is the best thing I have seen in over 8 years of Internet Marketing that allows a new person with literally zero internet marketing, sales or business skills to have a successful home business.

What we do is turbocharge the LifeLine System through our marketing efforts. If the LifeLine System is a fast car our marketing makes it a 240mph race car.

However, even the best systems require marketing behind them. Thus goal is to put all of our marketing efforts behind the LifeLine System. Our goal is for our entire system to sell itself regardless of the skill level of the individual using it. If the individual them self has better than average skills that is a big bonus for them.

So to accomplish this we are implementing a total marketing program behind the LifeLine System, which puts all of our marketing skills to work for you and gives you all of the following:

  • Additional benefit laden webpages for which you can automatically refer your prospects for additional information.
  • Additional benefit laden e-mails for you to use to help sell your prospects.
  • Ruggburns Home Business Comic.
  • Innovative and creative health newsletters.
  • Members Only Pages
  • Additional power laden marketing materials
  • Pictorial graphics and pictures (a picture's worth a thousand words)

All for the purpose of doing the following for you:

  • Providing greatly increased visibility for your business
  • Using our persuasive marketing techniques which do the convincing and selling for you.
  • Giving you a more profitable business.

You essentially have a full time marketing team behind your efforts. This provides you nothing short of a huge advantage for your home business.

Now keep in mind that this LifeLine System is brand new - it started on March 20, 2003. So we are still continuing to develop webpages and marketing materials for you. In reality we will always be looking to develop new marketing materials on a consistent basis so we all stay ahead of the pack.


Everything is now in place for exciting growth.

  • We have an incredible system in LifeLine.
  • We have incredible marketing behind the LifeLine System.
  • And now we have the missing piece of the puzzle. With Evan and Todd we now have the best people in the business who know how to work a system and show others how to do the same.

Here are just some of the items we have already developed for your use.

The Ruggburns - Home Business Comic

Home Business Visibility

Pictorial Story of the LifeLine2010 System

Health Newsletter

Powerful E-Mails showing the market for the Life Plus products.

Members Only Pages

Plus we are constantly adding new webpages, e-mails, etc. to give you every possible advantage.

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