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A scenario of the LifeLinePro System based upon proven results in prior tests (in story form).

This is one of those "Once Upon a Time Stories." You know, one of those Fairy Tales that sometimes has a good, sometimes a tragic ending, but always enabled you to see the moral of the story.

Once upon a time and long ago there was a little town. Many years earlier before any of the town's folks had been born a large wall had been erected on one side of the town.

The legend had grown that the giant wall had been erected not only to keep out the mean trolls that lived in the valley outside the wall, but also to keep the trolls from seeing the people inside the town and thus wanting to eat them.

Over the years strangers to the town had spoken of a land beyond the valley that had grown rich and prosperous. But the people of the town for many years had dismissed these tales as being untrue.

But one day a new stranger in town convinced some of the town's people that they could see this prosperous land across the valley, except for the giant wall, which blocked their view of it. This news was especially appealing to these towns people because they were very poor. So they devised a ladder structure to scale the wall and see over the other side. After several weeks the work was complete and this day would be the first day in centuries any of the town's folk had seen the land on the other side of the wall.

So several brave towns' people made their way to the top of the ladder structure and looked over the wall. To their amazement in the distance across the valley they could see a very prosperous land. And upon further examination to their amazement they could see a path and bridge, which safely crossed the valley of trolls and led to the prosperous land.image golden city work at home business story

This excited them very much and they quickly spread the word of this great discovery. However, much to their surprise they only managed to convince about 10 percent of the people to journey with them to the prosperous land. The rest of the people said things like: "it would be too risky", or "we might get eaten", or "I have a good job and don't want to lose it", or "what if I risked going and couldn't succeed over there." "Come back later and get us if you are able to get there safely and succeed." To which the people getting ready to leave said, "We will come back later but you know the first people there will be able to pick the choicest jobs and houses."

And just like the majority if these towns' folk the majority of people today can't see past the wall of their current situation to what could be.

I pray the following is the ladder that helps you be like the wise town's folk to see over the wall at the prosperous potential of what we have with our LifeLinePro and Life Plus system.


Let's reduce this down to raw numbers and money, just what are we talking about here?

Let's say you are only able to sign-up 1 lead per month and what does this mean to your income. (And previous tests in other more complicated systems have always shown this to be very achievable.)

This means that at the end of 1 month you have 1 person - not too great- almost embarrassing.

However, this person is now duplicating your efforts.

So now at the end of month two you have 2 people you personally have signed up.

And one person your new people signed up. - Still not too Great

But at the end of month four you now have 4 people you personally have signed up.

And these people are duplicating your efforts so now you have made a check for $210 with over 15 members. (All duplicating your efforts)

However let's look at month 6 - just 2 months later - you now have 6 people you have signed up yourself.

And these people are duplicating your efforts so now your check for month 6 is $695 with over 56 members (all duplicating your efforts) (Now we are getting somewhere).

Let's jump ahead to month 9 - you now have 9 people you have signed up yourself.

And these people are duplicating your efforts so now your check for month 9 has grown to $2919 with over 255 members

That's pretty good but let's jump ahead 3 months to Month 12.

Wow! Your check for month 12 has grown to $10,850 with over 793 members.

And the above numbers only go through 4 levels - in reality by month 12 you would have an additional couple thousand per month income from below your 4th level.

The above figures are with everyone doing $100 per month in business volume.

The above dollar numbers come from just using the LifeLine2010 system using the minimum leads program every month. It has already been shown in other test programs, which have an initial fee to join plus higher monthly qualifications that this is very do-able and has already been done.

However, in reality here is what happens from experience. After 2-3 months when people are actually seeing results in the LifeLine2010 System they introduce this to people they already know (their warm market). And because these people are able to see a system that is producing results some of them join and become involved. The number of people varies from individual but is usually 2-5 people. Of course there are always some people who will get many more. Of course a few won't get any from their warm market.

Do you realize what this does for your income dollars above when introducing all of these new people.

Also what is not accounted for is people quitting. There are always going to be people who quit -that is inevitable.

However, the above number doesn't reflect any customers who just wish to purchase the products. Normally you will have at least as many and usually many more customers than the distributor member numbers shown above.

The point is as you can see from the numbers above that this is certainly not a get rich quick scheme. Are you going to have rejections - count on it. Are you going to feel like quitting in the first couple months - probably. Are you going to have doubts - sure.

This is not a program for everybody. The majority of people are like the majority of the towns' people and are not cut out to have their own home business.

Ninety percent of the people you contact after seeing what you have to offer won't have the vision of what this system can do for them and won't get involved at first (they can't at the present time or won't look over the wall). If you can't handle that or expect everyone who sees it to get involved, this business is probably not for you.

However, if you take away no other point from this message I urge you to focus on this.

When home businesses or for that matter any business fails they almost always do for one main reason. They are unable to effectively reach customers in their cold market (people they don't know).

That is where you have a big leg up on success using the LifeLine2010 system with us in Life Plus.

You are continually fed leads from your cold market. These are people who have said; "yes I am interested in starting a home business, please get in touch with me." The point is this- the system keeps providing you these leads every month and does all the initial work for you. It automatically e-mails them. Sends them to several websites set up exclusively for you and even continues to follow-up with them by e-mail.

So while ninety percent or so of these people for some reason or other won't get involved the rest like clockwork will. And when they get involved it will be to duplicate exactly what you are doing. Now it simply becomes a numbers game producing numbers like above.

Now when you add all of that up with our superior unwavering support behind you - you have an unbeatable combination.

Even now as you read this, our dynamic team is continuing to work on developing exclusive powerful tools to further enhance your opportunity for success.

This is a team that has been together since 1995 and since that time our Internet Marketing knowledge has brought in tens of thousands of customers. Now we put this combined experience and expertise totally behind you and your business.

The bottom line is we wouldn't be putting this much time and effort into a system we didn't believe had the potential to produce fantastic results. Our wish is that you would also experience for yourself these fantastic results.

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