Ruggburns Work at Home Business Comic - network marketingThe Ruggburns - by Grace and James Sapp
Ruggburns Work at Home Business Comic - network marketing Ruggburns Work at Home Business Comic - network marketing
Ruggburns Work at Home Business Comic - network marketing Ruggburns Work at Home Business Comic - network marketing
The Ruggburns is a satirical look at MLM stereotypes. It highlights common Network Marketing mistakes and misconceptions. We believe it is still the finest type of home business to have because of it's simplicity and lack of problems inherent in other types of businesses.

Of course just like life all businesses also have problems. However, learn how we have eliminated the most common obstacles standing in the way of having success in network marketing.

In this episode Joe Combover has just signed up his first representative - Clarence. Julie is also impressed with Joe's "Dress for Success" attire. Of course we have all heard of companies which want to load a new distributor down with in this case "a garage full of products."

However, I urge you to check out Life Plus. There are no distributor kits to buy, it is free to join and you only buy the products you need. You don't have to buy a garage full of products to earn money.

We believe in being totally up front with people and presenting them a better and successful home business model that stands out from the crowd. Please get back to the person who directed you to this site for more information on starting your own home business.

Business Tips.

Presented by James (Jim) Sapp - Life Plus 2-Star Diamond

Aren't we are all attracted to fun and excitement? We all have our favorite things we like to do, and we look forward to doing those things. So why should we not try to find pleasure in everything we do? I mean if we are stuck in traffic find something to enjoy about it. After all getting angry isn't going to magically create a bulldozer to plow your way through the traffic. If you are often stuck in traffic or in lines prepare in advance for them. Think of something you can do if those undesirable situations arise.

Have you ever seen someone who was really successful at doing something that totally bored them? I mean don't be like Clarence for which it was said, "If you only have a year to live spend it with Clarence - it will seem like two life times!"

Yet when you look at people like Walt Disney, Michael Jordan, etc. They all love what they do which obviously contributed to their great success.

So make every aspect of your Life Plus business fun. If there is some particular aspect of your business, which you don't enjoy, but is vital to your success, turn it into a game or contest.

Also find a partner to work with doing these things, often if you do things together you will enjoy doing something you don't enjoy doing by yourself.

But the bottom line is just have fun, people are atracted to others having fun. Most people are so bored with their daily rut that they are looking for something that is fun. This is why so many people turn to drinking, drugs, affairs and other non-productive things to escape their boring existance.

The point is this -you can be very successful in this business even if you aren't very good at most things if you do one thing well. Have fun and help others have fun.

So enjoy yourself and have some fun today!

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