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In Volume 5, No. 4, Natural Products Industry Insider, it was reported that Life Plus International was issued a Certificate of Authenticity for its Proanthenols OPC and other antioxidant products that it manufactures containing Dr. Jack Masquelier's extract of original oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) from maritime pine bark and grape seeds.

The process, used for the extraction by Berkem Laboratories, was patented by Dr. Masquelier, who is a professor Emeritus of the University of Bordeaux. Masquelier issued the Certificate of Authenticity to the Company.

Life Plus officials state that to the best of their knowledge there has never been a case when any company has been issued such a certificate.

It includes the signatures of the inventor, Dr. Jack Masquelier; the world-wide distributor of the extract, Mr. Bert Schwitters of the International Nutrition Company; the extractor, biochemist and president of Berkem Laboratories, Mr. Lucien Fahy and Berkem's Quality Assurance Director, Dr. Jean Nkiliza; plus the distributor and manufacturer of the finished product, Timothy A. Nolan and J. Robert Lemon of life Plus International.

The products contain "Masquelier's Original Real OPC which are distributed worldwide by INC as "Masquelier's Original OPC" or as "Masquelier's Pycnogenol."

Masquelier's Original OPC Antioxidant (Grape Seed Extract) Information


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