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James and Jean Sapp God Bless AmericaIntelligent Reasons To Select Us In Purchasing Your Nutritional Supplements

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1. Life Plus has a long history (since 1936) of producing superior quality nutritional products sold originally only to doctors. See lists of superior product characteristics below.

2. Our dedication to providing you superior personal service (Since 1995). We provide personal attention to each order. We personally answer each e-mail plus answer any questions you may have in a quick personal manner. Click here to see what customers think of our exclusive service.

3. Best value for your money. Between our superior service and products we provide the best value for your money. Sure there are less expensive products on the market, however compare how they are made and ingredients - this can make a tremendous difference in quality and value. Check out the following nutritional advantages:

Superior Product Characteristics:

(The Phytonutrient PhytoZyme Base a Life Plus exclusive - you can't get this anywhere else.)

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Superior Manufacturing Advantages

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