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Let's Examine What Some Individuals Are Saying About Our Products and Service!

The "Brain" is saying to Julie. "Let's examine what these people are saying!"

Hi James,

I got the 'nutritional product' & your little note.You have class! You really know what customer service means. I worked as CSR for a few companies - so I would know.

Jelena G. - Canada

Dear Mr. Sapp.

Thank you for checking to see if I received my recent order. I have, indeed.
I appreciate your personalized emails. Thanks again.
Linda T. - California

Dear James and Jean,
Thank you for your email. I have just received my
package today and I am very excited to start taking my
new vitamins!...
Thank you so much, Lori B. - Montana

Hi James, funny usually I receive emails after I order something and it is a
template that, is sent the same to everyone. I rarely receive a response
from a return email and if I do it is usually weeks later. My compliments to
you. ... I am very excited about your products.... Again thank you for your quick
Kay A. - Florida

Many thanks for your e-mail.
I have indeed received my order, and thanks for the very prompt service.
I will certainly order again from you with confidence.
Best Wishes
Ken M - United Kingdom.

I did receive your order, & I'm very impressed with your level of customer
service!!!!!! I will be purchasing from you again at a later date for all my
herbal/vitamin needs. Thanks again, for your wonderful service!!!
Debby K. - Georgia

Dear James and Jean Sapp:

I continue to be impressed by your professional service, your follow-up to orders, and the high quality of your products.
Tim. N. - Japan

Yes! We are very happy with this product. Thanks!
Ally C. - Maryland

Hello, James
Thanks for yours messages, I have well received all my last orders and I'm
very satisfied with products and services.
Best regards
Jean-J. P. - France

Thanks James:
Your emails are actually VERY inspiring.
Actually, I am already a huge BELIEVER in Life Plus products!
Cheers, later, Tim N. - Japan

Just thought I would let you know that my shipment arrived today-March 12/01.
I am impressed. Thank you
Ruth O. - Canada

The order arrived in excellent shape and in a timely
fashion. My wife enjoys the product very much and I feel
the price is very reasonable,
W. Barr - Texas

We received our order promptly and it was undamaged. Thank you for your
wonderful service!
Kathy P. - California

Thanks a lot for the great service
Pete C. - Connecticut

Dear Mr. Sapp:
Martha and I are looking forward to a long and happy business
Best Regards;
Martha and Merrill K.- Louisiana

Thanks for the email I really appreciate your kindness.
P.S. Looking forward to this exciting product.
Shawn H. - New York

Hello there
Yes, thank you so much I have received the Life Plus Forever Young tablets
and have started to take them... I am amazed at the amount of ingredients
packed in to them.. I will let you know in a few months' time whether I am
looking better or not !
Best regards and many thanks
Debbie B. - Switzerland

The products are great.
Rick S.- Texas

James and Jean,
I received my order and have started taking it. ... I have wanted for a long time to find the best possible vitamin and I truly
feel I have found what I have been looking for.
Thanks again and God Bless.
Elizabeth M. - Ohio

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