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Why this Weight Loss Program Works When so Many Others Don't.

This program was developed by a medical doctor in Germany using the LOGI method, which is based on eating low-glycemic foods. In large part what makes the program work so well is it jump starts your metabolism. One of the great side benefits of this program besides losing weight is it will greatly increase hour energy levels. You will be amazed at how great you feel.

Video Presentation of this Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program

Logi Weight Loss Program Low-Glycemic BodySmart Program

On both days geared toward metabolism readjustment you may consume up to 5 Protein/Nutrition Shakes. You should not consume solid food during these two days, but drink a large amount of liquids: a minimum of 2 to 3 liters of water, tea, coffee, broth.

You should not let more than 3 hours pass between consumption of the shakes, otherwise you run the risk of consuming too few calories and your metabolism will switch to starvation mode instead of fat-burning and weight-reduction mode.


Mix 1 scoop (20 g) of Triple Protein Shake in at least 500 – 700 ml of liquid (water or reduced-fat milk). Add 1-2 tea spoons of flax oil or coconut oil. Take 2 tablets BodySmart Gold (Women or Men) and 2 tablets EnerXan with your first shake. People with high blood pressure should start out with 1 tablet of EnerXan (please ask your contact person).


This start phase is very useful for very overweight people. People with less weight to lose can either reduce the number of shakes to 3 or immediately start with the Reduction Phase.

Duration: until target weight is reached.


The shakes may be prepared with yogurt or quark instead of water. However, you should still add the flax oil or coconut oil. You can find recipes for the main meal, on the Internet under LowCarb recipes. Continue to take 2 tablets of BodySmart Gold and 2 tablets of EnerXan.


Should you experience stronger detoxification side effects during the reduction phase, we recommend pH-balancing products such as colloidal minerals or organic sulphur.

Through this phase you eat one main meal per day and two additional meals which consists of a protein shake. The nutritional supplements should be taken in the morning.

Ideally, the main meal will be lunch. If it has to be dinner, then you shouldn’t eat too late. The composition of the high quality protein concentrate will prevent your body from depleting your muscle protein even with high weight loss and a longer reduction phase. Weight loss of up to 80% of body fat is possible in this phase.

Duration: approx. 4 weeks


Recipes can be found in the recipe section and in the recommended literature.

Continue to take 2 tablets of BodySmart Gold and 2 tablets of EnerXan.


It is advisable now and again to incorporate a protein shake meal. The ideal time is at dinner as this stimulates the fat burning at night.

Once you reach your target weight, you can switch back to 3 normal meals per day. A diet according to the Logi method is highly suitable: Carb-reduced, modified fat intake, optimal protein intake. However, it is advisable to occasionally replace a meal with a protein shake. The most suitable meal is dinner as it will boost fat burning during the night.

You will only continue to lose a minimal amount of weight during the Stabilization Phase as the goal during this phase is stabilizing your target weight.

Duration: For a lifetime of wellbeing!


Continue with the Logi method and carbohydratereduced diet. Recipes in the brochure will be updated frequently.


The metabolism has adapted. Maintain your Logi method of eating and you will avoid the insulin swings that lead to cravings.

With the diet according the Logi method you are able to follow a balanced diet, keep your weight in the “ideal area,” and remain effective. During times of increased nutrient requirements (exercise, stress, pregnancy, smoking), the nutritional balance can be easily maintained with concentrated micro nutrients.
Logi Weight Loss Program Results Logi Weight Loss Program Results
Above pictures show some results of the program from July to December, 2013

Starter Packs include: your choice of Gold Multivitamin or Daily Biobasics plus
Triple Protein Shake, Enerxen, Blender bottle and Tape Measure.
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