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Life Plus New Core Line Health Nutrition Supplements.
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Life Plus X-Cell Plus L-Arginine

X-Cell Circulation Enhancer Arginine Based Formula for Support of healthy nitric oxide production. - Click Here!

Now New and Improved with Beet Root

It is a Synergistic Combination of L-Arginine with Lysine and Citrulline.

Did you know the organs in your body for which optimal blood flow is most critical are your heart, brain, and sex organs? Firm up your circulation with X-Cell L-Arginine formula!

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Life Plus Life Plus X-Cell Plus L-Arginine
Life Plus logo on Life Plus X-Cell Plus L-Arginine Supports Healthy Circulation
Of The Whole Body

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X-Cell Plus L Arginine Formula with Beet Root Powder 6600 Powder

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Life Plus Core Line logo on Life Plus X-Cell Plus L-Arginine X-Cell L-Arginine Formula -

X-Cell is a super premium formula designed to firm up circulation.* A synergistic combination of L Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate , Lycine and Citrulline Malate and Beet Root.

The new Lifeplus ® X-Cell ™ Circulation Enhancer * is an arginine-based formulation in a great-tasting, citrus-flavored powder for convenient use. It is designed to • Support healthy nitric oxide production.* • Facilitate ammonia and lactate removal to moderate muscle fatigue.* • Support immune health.* • Maintain acid-base balance and provide antioxidant protection.

Researchers won the Nobel Prize for proving that one of the main ingredients in X-Cell, L Arginine, produces “NO” or ADNO in your body.

“NO” stands for nitric oxide and is actually what your blood vessels use to stay dilated (open) so your blood can flow through them more easily and efficiently.

The organs in your body for which optimal blood flow is most critical are your heart, brain, and sex organs.

Lifeplus X-Cell is formulated with a synergistic combination of L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate and L-Citrulline Malate, which the body can naturally convert to additional Arginine, for optimal availability of Arginine in the body.

Ingredient and Scientific References Information

X-Cell Ingredients

Life Plus X-Cell Plus L-Arginine Ingredients

INGREDIENTS: L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Beet Root, Erythritol, Maltodextrin Soluble Fiber, L-Citrulline Malate, Natural Orange and Lemon Flavors, Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid), Citric Acid, L-Lysine HCl, and Steviol Glycosides


1. The Arginine Solution: The First Guide to America's New Cardio-enhancing Supplement by Robert Fried Ph.D. and Woodson C. Merrell MD, 1999, Warner Books


(See Guarantee At Bottom of Page)

Suggested Use:
Mix one tablespoon (approximately 20cc or 11.2g) of Lifeplus® X-Cell drink mix with 4-6 ounces (120-180ml) of your favorite cold liquid. Mix or shake vigorously. Drink immediately.


As with all supplements, please consult your physician prior to taking if you are pregnant or attempting to become pregnant, breast-feeding, under a doctor’s care or taking prescription medication.

This product should not be taken with erectile dysfunction or nitroglycerin medications (sublingual or patches).

Allergy Information: This product is processed in the same facility that processes products containing fish/shellfish, soy and dairy.

This product was not tested on animals.

Suitable for Vegans.

Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects

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"All Life Plus products come with a thirty day no-risk, no hassle money back guarantee. We STAND BEHIND THEM 100%"

We are committed to serving you and helping you and your family maintain maximum health. We consider your business a honor and a trust.

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