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It is always important to understand the physiology of weight loss in order to effectively lose weight.

The Slender Now Weight Management will work in helping people to lose weight, however, this or any other weight loss program will not work if certain key principals are ignored.

What are these key principals?

1. A person must take in less calories than they burn in order to effectively lose weight.

2. A person must realize that their body burns calories in two ways. The first way is simply by exercising. This is the most direct method and it also helps build muscles.

This is important because a person's muscle mass basically determines how many calories their body burns at rest during the day. A pound of muscle burns burns many times more calories per day at rest versus a pound of fat.*

The second way the body burns calories is all of daily processes like digestion, breathing, etc.

Life Plus has several products which aid a person in losing weight.

Phase o'Lean will help block the intake of starch calories.

StimuLean is a thermogenic, which induces the breakdown and release of stored body fat and thereby allows stored fats to be turned into energy. The ultimate result is you burn more calories, which facilitates weight management.*

SuperShake and AminoLyze are great protein/amino acid products. The purpose of these products is to protect a person's lean muscle mass as they lose weight. It helps to ensure the body burns fat for calories instead of muscle.

However, protein products like these will not create muscle by itself. Only exercise will create muscle.

However, protein products will help the body create muscle during exercise as it makes protein readily available to the muscle when exercising. Thus creating more muscle than if you had a shortage of protein

Common mistakes people make which cause them to not lose weight.

The reasons can be varied from person to person, however, here are some common ones:

1. These people don't realize that Phase'oLean only blocks starch calories and the product should be taken 15 minutes before eating starch. It will not block other carbohydrate, protein, and fat calories.

These people don't either take this product at the right time (it doesn't do much good to take this product after eating starch) or they take it with non starch foods.

2. These people increase the quantity of food they eat because they rationalize that the Phase'oLean is blocking the starch calories. Or one or more of the other products is causing them to burn more calories. So while the products are actually helping them their increased consumption of calories becomes self defeating.

3. These people don't do any exercise. Still the number 1 way to lose weight is to exercise and add lean muscle mass. We already discussed how muscle burns many times more calories at rest than fat. Plus exercise itself burns calories.

4. They eat within three hours before going to bed (This should never be done if you are trying to lose weight). Also AminoLyze should be taken before retiring.

5. These people don't write down what they eat everyday and thus they are consuming more food and calories than they realize.

This is not a hard program to understand, and complete easy to follow instructions are included, however, not everyone follows the instructions.




To lose weight in a healthy way, we must control caloric intake and increase the amount of calories burned with some form of exercise. Regardless of the eating plan component of your weight-loss program, the following tips will help you accomplish your goals of healthy weight-loss and weight maintenance:

1. Drink two quarts of water each day. This helps control your appetite. Sometimes a feeling of hunger is actually thirst. Additionally, water is necessary to carry away the breakdown by products of fat.

2. Carry a little sport bottle at all times. If you feel hungry, take a drink. This works great, for example, when you're at your desk or computer as it helps to curb your appetite.

3. Use small plates and eating utensils. You will feel that you have eaten more, because the portions will look bigger. This will reinforce your mental perception of eating a "full plate."

4. Slow down your eating pace every way you can. For instance, if you are right-handed, eat with your left and vice versa. Put your fork down after each bite and don't pick it up until you have completely swallowed the last bite.

5. Chew every bite at least thirty times. Your food will taste better and you will be much more satisfied. Don't swallow until all the flavor is gone from of each bite.

6. Brush your teeth after every meal. You will be less tempted to eat if you do. Brush and floss after your evening meal; many people agree this helps avoid late-night cravings for snacks.

7. Both sodas and juices are loaded with calories that are simple carbohydrates. These trigger insulin production and hunger and are pretty much "empty calories," lacking other important nutrients such as protein. Drink water instead.

8. Pay attention to when and what you are eating. Ask yourself: "Do I really want to eat this?" Never eat on the run-wait until you arrive. Otherwise, your body won't even realize you have eaten.

9. Don't keep junk food snacks around the house. Eat healthy snacks like carrots, celery-even beef jerky. Avoid eating lots of fruit, which are high in carbohydrates; reasonable quantities are ok.

10. Eat lots of fiber. Fiber is great for helping you feel full as well as helping to cleanse your digestive track. The natural cleansing helps improve both your energy level and overall feeling of wellness.

11. Before going to a restaurant or party, think about what you will eat. When you get there, remember your plan. Alcoholic beverages can add lots of calories. Drink a glass of skim milk or some healthy snacks before you leave.

12. Don't get discouraged when you plateau. Realize this up front. Plateauing is healthy and necessary. During these times, focus on drinking more water and a little extra walking each day. Remember the three laws of success in dieting: "Consistency, consistency and consistency."

13 Use visualization. Picture yourself as you would like to be and focus on that picture as often as possible. Find an old photo that you like of yourself when you were thinner. Have copies made and put one in your purse or wallet, on the refrigerator door, at your desk, on the bathroom mirror and anywhere you can think of to help you visualize your new, thinner self.

14 Above all-WRITE IT DOWN. Keep an eating diary. Carry a piece of paper folded up or an index card in your pocket, purse or wallet and write down everything you eat during the day. Look up the foods in a reference book at home in the evening and add up the calories actually consumed. This is a great learning tool. You don't have to do this all the time, but it's good to do during the early stages and when you plateau.


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