image Ruggburns Episode 6 work at home business opportunity comic network marketingThe Ruggburns - by Grace and James Sapp
image Ruggburns Episode 6 work at home business opportunity comic network marketing image Ruggburns Episode 6 work at home business opportunity comic network marketing
image Ruggburns Episode 6 work at home business opportunity comic network marketing image Ruggburns Episode 6 work at home business opportunity comic network marketing
The Ruggburns is a satirical look at MLM stereotypes. It highlights common Network Marketing mistakes and misconceptions. We believe it is still the finest type of home business to have because of its simplicity and lack of problems inherent in other types of businesses.

In this episode Joe Combover, Mr. Rugg, Clarance "The Brain" and Julie are discussing ideas for a weight loss marketing campaign. A good weight loss campaign that works will generate a lot of revenue, because it creates a lot of referrals as people lose weight. Joe Combover has gotten a little off tract with his "Weight Loss Billboard" and his crazy donut diet and exercise campaign. He seems to think that people will ignore their lack of results because they love eating donuts and watching TV.

Actually Life Plus has an excellent weight loss program call the BioShape Weight Loss Program. People are feeling healthy with more energy and also losing weight. Check out this great program on the folowing webpage:

BioShape Weight Loss Program

We believe in being totally up front with people and presenting them a better and successful home business model that stands out from the crowd.

Business Tips.

Written and Presented by James (Jim) Sapp - Life Plus 2-Star Diamond

Building Success Through asking Questions and Answering Objections

If you can learn to ask questions and handle objections than you can become very successful in this or any business.

The following questions and answers are designed to help you to be better prepared to answer objections.


If someone says that "The price is too high"

Your Response Should Be:

"If a product doesn't work it is no bargain at any price" All of our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee. If it doesn't work you get your money back. With other products you just think they are working - with our products you normally feel the difference after 30 days. I have had numerous people try other products for different reasons and when they tried Life Plus again they said they could definitely feel the difference.

If you are really concerned I can show you how to get the very best products for free as Life Plus has a great referral program. You seem like too intelligent a person to pay good money for an inferior product when you can have the best for free.


"I can get the same product at the health food store for less."

Your Response Should Be:

Oh really! Does the health food product have phytonutrients in it? All Life Plus products are formulated in a base of phytonutrients which are made up of over 30 vegetable and plant products. These phytonutrients greatly enhance the effectiveness of each Life Plus product.

Plus Life Plus products are pure. They contain no fillers. I know of many examples of Life Plus products that when tested along side other leading products are found to be 2-6 times more potent.

Plus there are certain products Life Plus manufactures which have no competition. Products like DIGESTIVE FORMULA, COLON FORMULA, PROANTHENOLS OPC, DNA IMMUNE, BRAIN FORMULA, SOMAZYME, DAILY BIOBASICS and others.

I challenge you to find a fiber product as multi-facetted and effective as


I challenge you to find a digestive enzyme product as effective as


I challenge you to find as complete a basic nutritional product as



"These products are no-higher quality than other products."

Your Response Should Be:

I know you may feel that way, however, that is only because you haven't tried the Life Plus products. They have been in business over 60 years and offer a 30 day money back guarantee. They wouldn't be so confident in their guarantee if they weren't totally confident that their products worked.

Learning to ask questions accomplishes the following.

It shows you are sincerely interested in the other person. The biggest communication problem that most of us have is the habit of talking too much. This is an absolute killer when we are trying to sell people. We must learn to be good listeners, one technique to improve our listening is to repeat back to the person you are listening to the following: "Let me see if I understand exactly what you are saying...."

In selling we should not talk more than 25% of the time. Let the other person do the talking. This accomplishes two things, it leaves the other person with the impression that we really care about them. Also they will really like us. The second thing that this does is to allow us to listen for what their "HOT BUTTON" is. If we learn this we have very powerful leverage to get them to purchase what is in their best interests.

The key to learning this is get them talking and then listen. We can become very skilled at this by learning to ask prompting questions like:

If you could live anywhere where would you live?

If there is one thing you don't like about yourself or would like to change about yourself - what would it be?

Is there anywhere you have always wanted to go or wish you had done?

Once you discover what someone's "HOT BUTTON" is than you want to keep bringing it up.

At this point in time I know you are saying, "Wow - this seems like a lot of work. Why should I engage in this activity?" And I would ask you the following in all sincerity. "How much do you care about yourself and your wife and children?"

What all successful people have come to realize is that life is no harder to be extremely successful than it is to be mediocre. In fact in many ways it is much easier and much more fun and rewarding.

What highly successful people have learned is the art of self-discipline..

Discipline is unavoidable - we either learn to discipline ourselves or we let others and events discipline us.

For example if we don't discipline ourselves to learn these communication skills than we pay the price of marital problems or problems with our kids.

These problems become much more painful than the pain of self-discipline to take the steps to avoid these problems.

It is a proven fact that the best way to get ahead in any career is to improve your communication skills. People with the best communication skills get the best raises and promotions.

Learning these skills above will help you not only to sell yourself in this business but in all aspects of life.

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