image Ruggburns Episode 5 work at home business opportunity comic network marketingThe Ruggburns - by Grace and James Sapp
image Ruggburns Episode 5 work at home business opportunity comic network marketing image Ruggburns Episode 5 work at home business opportunity comic network marketing
image Ruggburns Episode 5 work at home business opportunity comic network marketing image Ruggburns Episode 5 work at home business opportunity comic network marketing
The Ruggburns is a satirical look at MLM stereotypes. It highlights common Network Marketing mistakes and misconceptions. We believe it is still the finest type of home business to have because of its simplicity and lack of problems inherent in other types of businesses.

Of course just like life all businesses also have problems. However, learn how we have eliminated the most common obstacles standing in the way of having success in a home business.

In this episode Joe Combover, Mr. Rugg, and Julie are discussing ideas for a sales incentive trip campaign. Most companies will offer incentive trips to increase the sales of their products. While Joe Combover and Julie have got the right idea who knows where Mr. Rugg's head is stuck.

Of course what do you expect from a guy who's best known for his "Cat skin rugs" on top of his head, poor management decisions, and a fondness for cheap wines, slow women, station wagons, and Lawrence Welk tunes. (Not necessarily in that order)

We believe in being totally up front with people and presenting them a better and successful home business model that stands out from the crowd. Please get back to the person who directed you to this site for more information on starting your own home business.

Business Tips.

Written and Presented by James (Jim) Sapp - Life Plus 2-Star Diamond

I read a number of articles each week on marketing, sales and a number of other topics. Some of them aren't very good or at least they present no new information to me. In some cases I will find an article to be quite informative. Not because it is something I have never seen before, but because the author has presented the material in such a way that they provide new insight into the topic. Here is a synopsis of some of this material.

I could write a whole article on this first topic as it so simple yet it is the key to success in any endeavor. This most important key to success is quite simply "taking the first step". More people fail for this reason than every other reason put together. This is because the first step is always the hardest one. For example everyday the first telephone call is the toughest one to make. Everything is down hill from there. Your goal everyday should be to contact someone everyday. Just one person contacted a day will guarantee your success.

Next consider the power of a routine. Those who adhere to a routine are often more successful than those who don't.

Also be aware of the power of momentum. A large ball is harder to set in motion than to keep in motion. Picture the first example above. It is always hardest to get started and make the first contact or phone call. Once you get going and build momentum each subsequent action (or in this case phone call) becomes easier.

Often people are asked when is the best time to make contacts, phone calls, and work a home business. It is best when you do it. Whatever works best for you, but the point is to do the work.

Always have in mind what you want each action to result in. For example in making a phone call, your objective quite simply may be to get the person to a conference call, but know that in advance.

Also when making phone calls use a script but know it well enough so that it doesn't sound like you are just reading it.

Also be aware this business is a numbers game. Just like baseball the more at bats you get the more hits you will get. So if you strike out just get back up to the plate and take another swing. In this business nobody is limited to the number of swings they can take.

Also don't fear rejection - in eight years I can count on one hand the number of people who weren't nice to me, even the couple who weren't didn't yell or scream at me. If you knew that every 5th person you asked would give you a $20 bill I bet you could find more people to ask. But that is exactly the way it is in this business.

So just ask, enjoy yourself and have some fun today!

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