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The Ruggburns is a satirical look at MLM stereotypes. It highlights common Network Marketing mistakes and misconceptions. We believe it is still the finest type of home business to have because of it's simplicity and lack of problems inherent in other types of businesses.

Of course just like life all businesses also have problems. However, learn how we have eliminated the most common obstacles standing in the way of having success in a home business.

In this episode Joe Combover, Mr. Rugg and Julie are discussing the "new guy" Clarence. It seems these lovable incompetents (Joe and Mr. Rugg) have Clarence making a total pest of himself. Consequently people are avoiding him like the plague. To solve this problem these boobs are going to multiple disguises.

This is a common stereotype that you have to alienate all your friends in order to have a successful home business. This is pure nonsense.

We don't bug anybody. We are too busy to bug anybody. We don't have the time to spend on someone who doesn't show a lot of interest in what we have to offer. We focus our time and efforts on those who desire this assistance.

In fact what we have found is when many of our friends see the success we are having they ask us about starting their own home business.

We believe in being totally up front with people and presenting them a better and successful home business model that stands out from the crowd. Please get back to the person who directed you to this site for more information on starting your own home business.

Business Tips.

Presented by James (Jim) Sapp - Life Plus 2-Star Diamond

The one thing I have learned over the past almost 8 years is just how much any business is simply a numbers/percentage game. Any business that runs ads know that the more people they can get to look at their ads the more sales they will make. However, we all know that there are certain ads that are much more noticeable and effective than others. And that is just one of the reasons we use tools like The Ruggburns to make what we do much more effective and noticeable. Everything we do with our marketing is to maximize our numbers. Or to put it another way "increase our return on investment."

The one thing to always bear in mind with all of this is to learn to embrace failure - certainly don't be afraid of it. The biggest winners in life invariably are also the biggest failures. I can guarantee you that Babe Ruth or Henry Aaron has struck out more times than anyone reading this letter. Michael Jordan has missed more shots than anyone reading this. We tend to always focus on the winner the Olympic Gold Medalist or the great inventor and their great accomplishments. We never see all the times when they got up at 5:00 in the morning to fall on their butt time after time. We never see how many times the scientist saw his experiment fail, only their successful end result.

I encourage you to go out and risk failure - learn to love failure, failure makes us only stronger. What doesn't kill us will only make us stronger. And I don't know too many people who have died from hearing the word "no".

Plus risking failure is really living. Remember in high school or collage when you wanted to ask a certain girl for a date or you girls started talking to a certain boy hoping he would like you. You were nervous, you were excited, your very soul was alive anticipating what they might say. Sure it hurt when they said no, but remember how good it felt when they said yes.

Today you can feel much of the same excitement with much less pain because their are plenty of beautiful women and knights in shining armor to ask. Some will say no but many others will say yes. And all you have to do is ask.

So enjoy yourself and have some fun today!

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