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MSM is a metabolite of DMSO, the famous garlic-oyster smelling substance introduced into medicine by the pioneering work of Stanley Jacob M.D. DMSO is derived from plant lignans and has been the subject of more than 55,000 scientific studies worldwide. When DMSO enters the human body, about 15% of it is transformed into MSM by the addition of one oxygen molecule. MSM derived from DMSO has been found to remain in the body for up to 2 weeks.

Unlike DMSO, MSM has no odor. Like DMSO, MSM may be an antioxidant with a potent ability to neutralize hydroxyl free radicals within cells, and it does pass freely through cell membranes. Although very few controlled scientific studies have been done with MSM, word of mouth has made it a very popular dietary supplement. According to Dr. Stanley Jacob, MSM seemed to support range of motion in joints.


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