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network marketing work at home based business opportunity, MLM E-commerce networking.
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network marketing work at home based business opportunity, MLM E-commerce networking.

You're in business for yourself,
but not by yourself.

You can get your dot com business up and running the first day! The Life Plus training and support systems literally...

  • Saves you thousands of dollars

  • Saves you months to setup your own systems

If you were to invest US$ 150,000 into a franchise, wouldn't you expect training and business support tools as part of the package?

Isn't that why you even consider a franchise, for the proven success system and training?

We've taken the same approach at Life Plus, providing you with training and a complete support system for your home business... absolutely FREE.

Check out the list of tools and value-added services available only to Life Plus Members:

  • A Free, Personalized e-Commerce-Enabled Website
    (No Site-Building or Programming Required)

  • FasTalk TM Voice Communication System
    (Listen motivational and promotional announcements)

  • Brochures, Publications, Newsletters
    (Necessary for successful sales and recruitment)

  • Automatic Shipment Advantage Program
    (SUPER product discounts for regular shipments)

  • Weekly Email Updates- keeps your members informed
    (Nutrition updates for your customers, nutrition and business updates for your marketing members.)

  • Leadership training and corporate tours
    Call us for details.

People who own or have had their own business know how costly the services and tools mentioned above are to purchase and use. Life Plus has taken the innovative lead by providing superior products, as well as value-added member services worth thousands of dollars!

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