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Other systems/companies usually charge you $20 each month to manage their system for you. Out of this $20 you get nothing additional in terms of bonuses, etc. The bottom line is this can be a big money maker for the people running the system. They're getting rich at your expense.

Well with our LifeLinePro System with Life Plus only $5 per month goes into managing the system - sending out e-mails, tracking enrollees, etc. The remaining portion of the system fee goes back to you in the form of these bonuses. Essentially refer a couple people and you have no more system fee.

So it's your money and your choice - do with it what you will.

So what happens if you signup 10 people your first month (some people have signed up 15) in this system versus in a similar system (our main competitor). (Assuming none of these people signup anyone their first month in either system - any signups here would only increase your income)

Well you would make $340 in the Life Plus LifeLinePro vs $65 in our competitor's system (and they have a good system), and at a total cost, which is much less than our competitor's.

And what about the bonus cycle pool, while it will be smaller at first, it will grow each month to where eventually the top enrollers could receive checks for several thousand dollars from this bonus alone. How exciting would that be? But you have to at least register for free and check this out by taking the free tour below.

The Total Simplicity of this New Internet Business Building System is What Makes it so Revolutionary - And You Can Check it Out for Free!

Plus Brand New - Earn a $30 Signup Bonus and $15 per month re-occurring bonus for each new person you introduce into this new system!

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