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Online Marketing and Home Based Business Opportunity - Article

"Discover why these people are succeeding at the home business marketing game and having fun in the process!"

online marketing home based business opportunity (Note: This provides insight behind the powerful tools you have at your disposal to use to build your business. You don't need to know this information - just that it is working for you.)

First if you expected the typical letter about a home business program, forget it - we simply are not typical. Expecting promises of great wealth or weight loss while you sit on the couch eating donuts watching Homer Simpson do the same? Forget it again!

Instead you will explore marketing concepts with their roots embedded in proven Physiological Techniques. Rather it is an earth-shattering military battle or a football game one of the best ways to achieve victory involves the element of surprise. Now before you make up your mind that these techniques don't work, consider that many of these are the same techniques which have influenced your buying decisions for years, and you didn't even realize it. Would you like to find out what some of these techniques are? Than I suggest you read on.

First of all let me make it perfectly clear that you don't have to be an expert with these techniques in order for them to work for you. This letter unveils to you little known and seldom used (at least in network marketing) business marketing secrets that provide you a huge marketing advantage while you're having fun!

Imagine the ability to read some ones mind and the huge advantage this would provide you in business. Well we can't read minds - or can we? Actually using physiological marketing techniques we can predict how people will behave the majority of the time and use this knowledge to provide you a tremendous advantage.

You will blow past your competition with these amazing techniques. Have you ever like me experienced how it feels to utilize marketing weapons which give you a tremendous feeling of power over your competition. It's like fighting a bow and arrow with an army tank. It's like running a race with your competition and everyone but you is blindfolded.

You won't read in this letter that you can lose 12 pounds in 2 weeks with the latest miracle weight loss product. Although later in this letter I will introduce you to a weight loss product and support system that contains many advantages.

Most programs rely on huge hype to get someone to join. However, we don't play the hype game - in fact most everyone else bombards you with "Make $50,000 in the next 90 days sending e-mail" or some other ridiculous claim. While the competition spins hype we are busy developing techniques and tools to give you additional advantages. In fact because most people in network marketing have never even heard of some of the powerful marketing techniques we routinely use, these other people are operating at a huge disadvantage. They simply struggle to compete with us.

Our program starts with a new revolutionary form of network marketing called referral marketing. Referral marketing creates some powerful advantages but it certainly is by no means our only advantage.

There are too many people and programs promising the world and only delivering a small pile of worthless dirt. I would much rather promise you a pile of dirt and deliver you a pile of dirt with some gold nuggets hidden inside.

Now I don't want to scare you, but let's evaluate the current economic situation. The economy teeters on recession, companies are laying off in great numbers and you may as well kiss true job security good-bye. But even if you make it to retirement and manage to hang on to your job according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics at 65 only 5% have enough money to retire on.

This means going the traditional route of working a traditional job has failed for 95% of all Americans. With figures like these people should be seriously evaluating the traditional career job employment scenario. Essentially 95% of these people following the traditional job path are failing when it comes to retirement. And I bet most of these people hate their job or their boss or their hours. What a work life - failing while you are miserable most of the time.

But what if we could show you a better way- would you be interested?

I want to be up front with you and say I represent a company named Life Plus, which has been in business since 1936 and has almost 700 employees. They manufacture some of the very finest, health, nutrition, skin care and weight loss products on the market.

(Side thought!) Don't you hate it when somebody tries to hide the name of the company they represent - I know I do. They want you to make 3 phones calls and listen to various recordings and then you might find out the name of the company. It makes me think -what are they hiding - what's wrong with their program? I hate this - and I'm sure you do too. At the very least they are playing games with your valuable time.

So the bottom line - how can you make any money with this Life Plus program? Well first let me say you may not make any money, after all nobody made any money off the zipper for thirty years after it was invented until people were properly educated on it's benefits.

In the business world there are no guarantees that a business will make money. But here is what we do. Think of your business like a baseball game. First realize some home businesses are like trying to hit a baseball being thrown from a Major League pitcher at 100 mph. Needless to say it is going to be pretty tough. What we try to do for you with our various tools is like the following. Now picture instead of someone throwing 100 mph fastballs they are now lobbing the ball up to you in an easy fashion hoping you will hit it.

While we can now look at our business like the 2nd scenario the following rules still apply. We will never hit any balls we don't swing at. We will still swing at some balls and miss, especially at first. And we will not hit a home run on every pitch.

What this simply means is not swinging is like not taking action. No action = zero results. Sometimes we swing and miss. We are sometimes going to strike out with some people in this business. And we don't always hit a home run - sure we would like to make a lot of money from each transaction, but we may instead end up with a loyal customer which pays us $10-$20 every month. This is a bad thing - I don't think so!

What we simply try to do is stack the odds in your favor by making it as easy as possible!

I'm sure you are wondering - what's so special about this program that makes this program work? Well how about a proven tract record that goes back centuries. How about the fact that some of these ideas were used by Alexander the Great to conquer the world. These marketing ideas are not new - they have been used by great men throughout history to create legendary success. These are not new concepts - they have stood the test of time.

Now picture yourself using the same great techniques as used by legendary men and women throughout history. A pretty awesome thought wouldn't you say! Now imagine combining these proven techniques with innovative ideas and marketing concepts that tract the current trends of the day.

What an explosive mix -using these techniques we don't predict the future we create the future!

To imagine how this works think of the following examples:

If you had inside information on where a certain shopping mall was going to be built and then rushed to be the first to buy that property, you could make a lot of money in real estate.

If you had advance knowledge on how a certain stock was going to perform you could make a lot of money on that stock.

Well this obviously is not as fool proof as knowing tomorrows news today, however, the reason these principals work is because they take advantage of known variables and then combines them with current desirable trends. This is simply called "stacking the odds in your favor."

Let me ask you the following question, "Would you like to own a Casino?", or do "Casinos make Money?".

That's a silly question sure Casinos make money! Why? Because they have the odds stacked in their favor over time. Over time it's impossible for them to lose. The law of probability will always make the casino a winner. The same thing applies to the State Lottery. They have the odds stacked in their favor. Sure you could play a $1 ticket in the lottery or play a slot machine and end up making money short term. But they know that if you play long enough the State will always come out the winner.

Imagine yourself tapping into this ingenious system so that the odds are always stacked in your favor if you play long enough. Now imagine yourself controlling your own future.

I can visualize what you are now thinking, "This sounds good, but how is this going to stack the odds in my favor?"

I am sure you may be skeptical at this point, I certainly would be, but I think you will be convinced otherwise after reading the next paragraph.

Have you ever wondered how some people almost always seem to make money in the Stock Market, or in Real Estate, or some other business deal. Well the truth is they don't always make money. In fact these experts lose perhaps 40-45 percent of the time. These experts know without a doubt they are going to win the other 55-60 percent of the time -just like clockwork. Because they have done all the critical things to stack the odds in their favor. And the other thing they do which makes them successful is they never quit after a setback. And this my friend makes them very wealthy.

Are you starting to get a little interested? Because at this point I am going to reveal a portion of how our system stacks the odds in your favor, just like the system we just discussed.

We previously discussed how if you had inside information on some Real Estate deal you could predict the outcome and make a lot of money.

What we do isn't magic - you could do the same if you wanted to intensely study the area of physiological marketing.

Take this little quiz - What do you get when you combine proven marketing techniques with the physiological intelligence secrets of human behavior? Plus what happens when you combine this with knowing exactly what influences a persons buying decision?

Answer - You can predict the way a person is going to respond the majority of the time. Knowing how a person is going to react to a controlled stimulus just like the Real Estate scenario above we can position ourselves in the path of success. And in this case success equals money in your pocket!

Are we going to hit a home run every time using this method? Of course not, but now we have the ability to control the game, we are the Casino House. And the best part is that because the odds are now stacked in your favor, the more you play the game, the more you win, and the more you win the more money you make.

Now what I will say is that we don't do anything to try to take advantage of someone. Sure there are marketers who do use certain techniques to take advantage of people. But eventually they are found out. We want people around for the long term. Where we use these psychological techniques is in these articles to get people to read them and evaluate the information to decide rather or not to take action. It's that simple.

I promised in the first part of this article that I would introduce you to a weight loss product and support system that contains many advantages. Well here that information is!

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