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Online Marketing Price Comparison of Colon Cleansing and Dietary Fiber Supplements.

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SOURCE: Online price comparison of  prices available when conducted January 6, 2001.
(Note: This is a price comparison of fiber and colon cleansing products similar to Colon Formula. (The manufacturer is shown following the product name).

Six Products in One Product Name Size Price Price per Ounce
Yes Colon Formula - More than Fiber (Life Plus) Colon Formula is a is a Fiber product, an Acidophilus product, an Immune System support product, a Cleansing Product, an Exclusive Special Lysozyme Enzyme mixture and a PhytoNutrient Product of over 30 Different Vegetable and Fruit Concentrates. You'll FEEL the difference GUARANTEED! 25oz

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No Total Cleanse
Viable Herbal Solutions (Fiber for colon cleansing)
16oz $21.00 $1.31
No Intestinal Tone
Life Force (Psyllium Fiber Only) (Fiber for colon cleansing)
$18.50 $1.32
No Loclo High Fiber
Nature's Sunshine (Fiber for colon cleansing)
12oz $17.50 $1.46
No Herbal FiberBlend
Aim International (Fiber for colon cleansing)
16oz $29.00 $1.81
No Fiber Smart
Optimal Health (Fiber for colon cleansing)
$19.00 $2.38
No Herbal Colon Cleanse
Golden Harvest (Fiber for colon cleansing)
8oz $20.00 $2.50

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