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The Exercise Difference in Weight Loss

A very difficult task is to lose and maintain your weight. Yet with exercise it can make both task that much easier. If you're trying to lose excess fat your goal should be to have a calorie shortage daily. Such as if during the day normally you intake up to 1700 calories and burning off about 2000 then your shortage is 300 calories in order to lose extra fat you would need a shortage of 3500 calories increase that by 1000 to lose 2lbs per week if that what your goal is. Therefore to increase your daily caloric shortage, there are two options

1. Decrease you daily caloric intake by eating food with a lower calorie count.

2. Increase the amount of caloric burn off, by increasing your daily routine, however be warned it is unhealthy to decrease your caloric ingestion less than 1200 per day; otherwise you can have metabolism issues along with other health problems.

Conversely there are several people whose metabolic rate is very slow and over a period of time with inactivity and dieting and they normally burn less than 1500 calories daily. When you don't exercise under these circumstances you would have to lower to caloric intake below the limit in order to lose weight, therefore your metabolism would not function properly and instead you'd end up gaining weight. Correct this problem the caloric shortage formula would be to increase activity through exercising.

The best part about this situation is you can greatly increase your caloric burn off by increasing walks for up to 30 minutes twice a week. Over a period of a number of weeks you can increase the time as well as the number days you walk per week and then incorporate some weight training for half an hour three times week. For Example you could raise your exercise time by 4 to 25 hours per month plus you’re the exercise expenditures increasing in total calorie burn off in one day. Not to mention you’ll also burn even more calories during sleep because your BMR is working over-time.

Keep in mind for other equally as important reasons why you should exercise in conjunction to limiting your calorie intake while dieting is to avoid losing muscle mass from inactive muscles. There are three primary circumstance that could arise from losing too much muscle mass;

1. The BMR is lower resulting in FEWER calories expended daily which cause difficulty in losing weight.

2. You begin to show signs of sagging and/or elastic muscles

3. You tire out and wane more rapidly

With these three reasons everyone should want to start exercising. Keep in mind the more frequent you include fitness training to your daily routine the faster your BMR will raise and the more calories you likely to burn.

 health, vitamin E, zinc, migraine headaches, nutrition diabetes

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