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Calcium and Magnesium Supports Healthy Bones and Muscle Tone

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Did you know calcium and magnesium are two of the most important of all nutrients. Your body needs them for more than just bones and teeth; they are also critical for your muscles, heart, and nervous system. CalMag Plus is pH-balanced, which is essential for the best absorption of calcium.

Vitamin D, vitamin K, trace minerals, and boron play specific roles in healthy calcium metabolism, while calcium and magnesium team up with these vital nutrients to promote healthy bone structure, enhance muscle tone and relaxation, and maintain dental health.

Magnesium is critical for more than 300 different enzyme systems in the body, plus being necessary for healthy bones and ATP production, which provides cellular energy.

Unlike other calcium supplements (many of which supply only calcium), Life Plus CalMag Plus provides 500 mg of calcium and 250 mg magnesium per daily serving.

Multiple sources of critically important health-supporting calcium and magnesium have been assimilated into two proprietary blends known as PolyCalPlex™ and PolyMagPlex™, consisting of citrates, lactates, aspartates, and carbonates.

CalMag Plus contains natural vitamin D-3, usually in short supply during the winter months and required for calcium utilization. The diets of elderly people generally lack this essential vitamin.

Also included is the trace element boron, which appears to beneficially affect the metabolism of calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and vitamin D.

When soil contains adequate amounts of boron, it is contained in fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Supplementation of boron has been associated with reduced loss of calcium in the urine in clinical research. In addition, extra zinc, copper, and manganese, all trace minerals important for bone health, are included.

CalMag Plus stands out from other calcium supplements because it contains low-temperature processed concentrates from three herbal sources of additional synergistic trace and ultra trace elements: alfalfa (from land), plus kelp and dulse (from the sea).

Additionally, like all Life Plus tableted products, CalMag Plus is formulated in the exclusive Life Plus PhytoZyme™ Base, which contains specific plant enzymes and concentrates from over 30 specially selected fruit, vegetable, and herbal concentrates, providing extra phytonutrients in addition to the main ingredients in this unique product.

Every time you take CalMag Plus, you get the added benefit of the "Life Plus PhytoZyme Advantage."

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