Do You Want a Business That You Can Work?
A Business that Works for You?

(Plus the Lion, Antelope and Chipmunks Story)

These are two totally different animals and something that at one time I didn't comprehend. But I wasn't alone most business never do understand this concept. I was fortunate in that one day I read something that opened my eyes in this regard.

You see I had a very successful business with Life Plus that I could work. Sure, I like many businesses had a portion of the "Business That Works for You". But like most other businesses it was a minority portion of my business.

In reality at least 95% of my business should have been this second type - "The Business That Works for You".

The problem with most businesses are that so much time is spent working the business that the person doesn't have time to make the business work for them. But in addition they're not exposed to the information to help them make their business work for them.

I will show you how to create a business that works for you.

Many people may promise this, but they themselves are typically ignorant and thus can't deliver.

For example I get a kick out of the people who say, "No selling required, we do all the hard work for you, we create spillover, bloo, blob, bloo.

Stop and think about this - in this scenario you don't own your business - they do. Even if they could deliver on their promise if they went away, where are you. You now don't have a clue as to what to do. They had all the expertise and knowledge. Do you want your business in their hands or in yours?

This is What Everyone Wants.

Everyone wants a system that essentially allows you to put your business on autopilot, making you money, even when you aren't working.

But knowing this and making it happen are two different animals. Many promise - few deliver.

So it's the tools that make things happen.

Here is one of the tools that we use to bring about this viral marketing advantage. Everyone knows it doesn't do any good to have a powerful dynamic message if no one hears it. Well audio definitely helps get your message heard.

You have an Audio Postcard(TM) waiting for you with a very important message.

Listen to it now by clicking the link below and make sure your PC speakers are turned "ON"

Click Here to Check this out.

Lions, Antelopes and Chipmunks

There was a lion who was always hunting for chipmunks to eat. Everyday he would go out on the hot plain hunting for chipmunks. And every evening he would return home to his den hot, tired and hungry. He could never catch enough chipmunks each day. But this was all he had been taught. After all this is what his father, and grandfather and all proceeding generations had ever done.

Than one day he bumped into a rich lion down at the local watering hole. He walked toward the rich lion and introduced himself and said. "Aren't you the rich lion that always is well fed and lives in the Den Mansion?" And you always seem to never be stressed and you always appear so fresh when I see you here. How do you do it?" Well the rich lion replied. "I don't eat chipmunks. I understand you are always hunting for chipmunks all day long. You'll never be rich or well fed hunting chipmunks. I hunt antelope and I'll catch one and it will keep me and my family fed for a month. Then I can spend the rest of the month on my real estate investments. I don't have time to chase chipmunks all day long."

That is how most people conduct their home businesses. They chase after chipmunks all day long. They buy a list of 100 "business opportunity seekers" called them all and wondered why so many weren't even interested in talking to them. Have you ever done this. This isn't the business working for you - this is you working the business.

And even if this person signs up they're still a chipmunk. They may possibly one day grow into an antelope, but that can be a year or two off and there are no guarantees.

Wouldn't you rather be working with antelopes?

Here's how you do it. But wait let's not just work for antelopes, let's put them to work for you.

Sounds appealing - doesn't it.

Let's get started and we'll look at how we make this happen and our worse scenario.

Here is what I 've found to be true in over 90% of all cases. The antelope will help you out if you do just a couple things.

1. Don't Ever I repeat ever lead with trying to sell them on your program. This is a classic mistake made by rookies and amateurs. Always offer to be of assistance to them first. I have some great tips that work every time. (Using these tips I have antelopes falling over themselves to give me referrals)

2. Offer them something of value for free.

This works in almost all cases. You will be amazed at how well people respond to you if they sense you are looking to be of benefit to them.

I basically use two main tools to make all this happen, a resource webpage and article reports like the following:

Success is Backwards - Free Report

There are more variations of these tools, but these are what give you the real edge in hunting antelope.

So here is what you get when you decide to join us.

You will receive complete instructions on getting started including:

  • How to setup your resource page and make it work for you
  • You'll receive free reports like and including the one above, and you will be shown how to add your web links to your business inside the report. This means each report given away by you and others advertises your product and business.
  • You'll receive the 8 part internet marketing eCourse, which in addition to giving you a great education in internet marketing is also used to attract others interested in a home business.
  • Complete instructions on how to find a virtually endless source of Free Internet Leads of top people (antelopes).
  • Plus the instructions and Emails to send these top people to get them either interested in either joining your business or at the very least referring business to you.
  • Testimonies are very powerful - you'll be shown, how to have people you never expected want to give you testimonies
  • The power of audio - You be shown how to use audio - in Emails and webpages to increase your response rate by up to 400%.
  • How to setup and put autoresponders to work for you.
  • Plus how to use affiliate programs to earn extra money plus promote your Life Plus business. A double bonus win for you.
  • Conference calls to go over and provide you instructions are using these valuable tools
  • A webpage just like this to recruit antelope.

Plus in addition you will also receive all of the following advantages:

  • 4 free Life Plus webpages.
  • Toll free numbers to send prospects to for information.
  • Free product shipping as an ASAP member.
  • Nutrition products second to none.
  • Plus much more.

But the important thing to keep in mind and what you will get out of all this are:

  • The mental Rolodex of antelopes - it is estimated that even average people have access to at least 250 people. Because you are of value to these antelopes you are set up to receive referrals from these people.
  • In addition these people will be distributing ads for your business through the article/reports you provide them - thus these antelopes provide referrals for your business in two ways.
  • You're getting access to free leads on the internet - leads far superior to leads you buy.
  • You're getting a valuable education and meeting valuable contacts you can take with you no matter where you end up down the road. This is more important than you think because the bottom line is this. If have the knowledge in your head you can always use it to make money.

So I invite you to signup with us and get started today. Or send an Email to James Sapp at:

Remember don't hunt for chipmunks and don't put off your future a minute longer.