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Weight Loss- Reduce Calories
Phase 'oLean™ Forte Starch Blocker can help.

Carbohydrates Are Non-Essential

Unlike fats and proteins, which contain essential building blocks for our health, including fatty acids and amino acids, the simple carbohydrates in starch provide nothing but calories - usually many more than our bodies need.

Eat, Digest and Absorb

The old adage, "You Are What You Eat," is only half right. In fact, we are what we eat and subsequently digest and absorb. Fats, proteins and carbohydrates are all large molecules, too big to be absorbed directly. They must be broken down in our digestive system by enzymes, primarily those produced in the pancreas.

Phase 'oLean starch blocker weight loss low carb Atkins Diet- Adkins reduces carbohydrates calories. Alpha-amylase

The starch digesting enzyme produced in the pancreas is known as alpha-amylase. Without the action of this enzyme, starch cannot be broken down - or absorbed - and you cannot absorb the calories.

Phase 'oLean - Dr. Marshall's Original Starch Blocker

Phase 'oLean Forte is a natural protein extracted by a unique proprietary process. By binding with alpha-amylase enzyme, it prevents a large portion of the starch you eat from ever being broken down and absorbed. We call it, "The Starch Blocker!"

Used Properly, It's a Dieter's Dream

Think about it. A pill that lets you eat a greater variety of foods and still lose weight! One tablet, taken 20 minutes before you start to eat, can block up to 400 starch calories. Of course, even the starch blocker won't keep you from absorbing the calories in butter and other non-starch foods. So be sensible. Watch your total calorie intake and don't overeat. You'll be amazed at the results you can achieve!

Look What Starch Blocker Could Do for This Daily Menu:

(Keep in mind, not all calories in these meals are from starch and that one tablet, in laboratory conditions, can block up to 400 calories from starch. Actual results may vary.)

Starch Source Starch Blocker Blocks You Absorb
Corn Flakes, 1 cup
Wheat Toast, 2 slices
240 Calories
214 26
Pita Bread, 1 slice
Pinto Beans, 1 cup
Rice, 1 cup
542 Calories
480 62
Dinner & Snack
Spaghetti, 1 cup
Corn, 1 cup
Bread, 2 slices
Popcorn, 1 cup
589 Calories
505 84
Daily Totals:
1199 172
"You absorb just 172 calories!"

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