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 health, vitamin E, zinc, migraine headaches, nutrition


The role of diet in weight loss

In the search of the ideal body weight, thousands of books, magazines are sold, articles are written and methods are explored.

Weight loss can have several reasons, some may be of medical purpose, some esthetical. Before beginning with any kind of diet, first we have to look into the consumable foods energy and nutrient values. In general, the ideal would be to keep a balanced nutrition, meaning that every day we should eat a determined amount of energy value, or else called calories.

The necessary calorie need varies gender, age and person’s wise, being extremely altering and it is also determined by weight, eating habits, physical effort and activity. So before starting headstrong a weight loss diet, it is recommendable to turn to a health care nutritionist, who will evaluate the necessary nutrients and energy need fit for the person.

Either we follow a diet or a normal menu, this should be balanced and contain carbohydrates, fat and proteins. Their optimal proportions are: 1/7 proteins, 2/7 fat and 4/7 carbohydrates as their role differ.

A weight loss diet is a menu with a daily 700 and 1500 calorie intake and less than 900 kcal needs medical surveillance. Diets rich only in proteins result in quick weight loss, but decrease the use of energy, which contributes to regain the lost fat. Medically, a loss of 500 grams is in normal and healthy frames. This is why the best method is to follow a balanced diet, which cuts back at once a targeted value of all basic nutrients, spiced up with physical exercise and drinking at least 1,5-2 liter water daily.

To maintain the obtained weight, it is also advisable to pay attention on the calorie intake in the future, as the sudden return to the old eating habits may result is retaken fat.

 health, vitamin E, zinc, migraine headaches, nutrition diabetes

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